Ceng Penghui love Shanghai a multi account promotion promotion strategy

is a very simple example of the strategy: the same project, daily consumption of 50 thousand yuan with a monthly consumption of 50 thousand yuan, you are how to vote? I can do now according to the project, think about.

in the promotion of personnel daily management accounts and account optimization process, we often focus on average price, daily PV, displays the number of hits, creativity, quality, keyword conversion data, want to do love Shanghai, these details are very important, love itself is a promotion of Shanghai and the process of data analysis and optimization to optimize these details. However, if you are a team of SEM Leader, in addition to the basic knowledge of this class, have a good promotion personnel required "tactics", also need to have more promotion than ordinary personnel such as macro thinking, grasp some promotion strategies, and can be flexible.

1, according to GA statistics to account data transformation, to promote the transformation of unit effect is good, copy >

3, tracking and analysis of account data very well. It is better to use GA. The amount of small, can be received by the customer, to complete the consultation and order keyword record.

multi account promotion strategy is the use of multiple accounts to do the promotion. We know that love is a Shanghai promotion account corresponds to a "advertising"; the more you account, the "advertising" will be more, correspondingly, you can get the traffic will be more. Multi account promotion strategy is to try to get those on your ROI (or other object) to help the flow, help you reach a higher ROI (or other object). It has 4 premises:

4, creative promotion unit, must not be too casual, unit keywords greater correlation.

is a really good promotion personnel, is both tactics and strategy. These strategies include but not limited to: account budget setting, put what keywords, in what region, what time of delivery, at what price and ranking, use what kind of keywords matching and creative display mode and so on, so that is the situation in a limited or unlimited conditions, making delivery scheme is most suitable for the moment the goal of the Achieve Inc. Strategy is a collection of tactics, it is higher than the tactics, but not from its guiding tactics, tactics; tactics it successfully.

foreplay said so much, here in this blog topic. This is a very simple, very easy to think but many extension workers did not achieve promotion strategy: multi account promotion strategy.

1, an account of the promotion, has a good effect on the promotion of ROI, or the company’s satisfaction.

2, can open multiple accounts or multiple accounts (this is important… It is nonsense!)

As the name suggests,

account promotion strategy implementation:

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