Of noble baby panda algorithm appears to improve the website link building


to obtain high quality links is the use of viral marketing to obtain a final content. Strong social existence is still a very important factor.

10% link to the home page – Joannasbakery贵族宝贝

20% link to the internal —-red velvet cupcakes


to modify the anchor text:

If I have Joannasbakery贵族宝贝 An example of — cupcakes

today, people have gradually realized that before the old link strategy not only positive effect on Shanghai Longfeng, some extent but have a negative impact. Link building has always been the development with the development of the search engine and the. The Shanghai dragon, to adapt to the new rules of search engine and grow together is very necessary.

I want to get the link graph should be like this:

The importance of community traffic:

20% link to the internal —-red velvet cupcake

Accurate, less "page

One of the key methods of



20% page link to the internal Red velvet

search ranking is based on the chain wide complex algorithm. Success means to link all the work and can be unified into a plan. There was a time when you buy some paid links at the bottom, as long as the use of accurate anchor text and spamming several blog comments can bring you good results. Today, the situation is completely changed. On the contrary, in general the link building does not require precise anchor text too much.

2, compared to the benefit, accurate matching of the anchor text link now more is punished

10% random

3, don’t be afraid to change your anchor text. The brand effect is also very important.

1, now some of the time, the anchor text accurately has been abused

20% link to the internal —-Joanna s Velvet cupcakes

. I want to red velvet cupcakes ranking. Instead of focusing on red velvet cupcakes, I want to achieve my goal by changing the anchor text and method. Method of using blog to spread and viral marketing is very important. Let people like you in the blog community products, they will review and share, and provide positive feedback. In order to make the content and your products are appreciated, it must have good quality. I don’t need to emphasize that this is enough.

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