360 good search businesses build credit platform Qingdao price shrimp phenomenon will stop


, the online travel market, this forum has invited industry experts and government leaders, to discuss how to reduce the online travel market "trap" phenomena such as flooding, in order to effectively protect the personal and property safety of tourists. Data show that in 2014 Chinese online travel market transactions amounted to 307 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 38.9% over last year, this number is more than BAT a few Internet giants total revenue, however, the online travel market to maintain rapid growth at the same time, various types of malware, Trojans, viruses and phishing fraud websites emerge in an endless stream, which leads to the majority of users in the online travel business, suffered a serious loss of property.

October 20th, guided by the National Tourism Bureau, Beijing City Tourism Development Committee, Beijing city network and Information Office organized the 2015 promote and standardize the healthy and orderly development of the online travel market forum officially held in Beijing, 360 invited to attend the forum. At the meeting, 360 search market leader released a "wonderful theme using the market mechanism to establish online tourism supervision platform" speech, the 360 share a good search understanding of online travel market, and revealed that the 360 search is about to open up the online travel industry chain, planning and constructing open merchant integrity platform, to attract the general concern of the participants. It is worth mentioning that the building and landing 360 good search platform integrity, or will further eliminate the "Qingdao price of prawns and other similar Qike Zaike phenomena.

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in addition, 360 search is currently building a set of perfect integrity of the platform, the platform will by the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee, 360, Shanghai by building an enterprise search and mass merchants together, for the user to eat, shelter, travel shopping and entertainment areas such as tourism service, in order to get through online the tourism industry chain. "The security visitors safe online, offline travel market also need to strengthen prevention, to prevent all kinds of deception, so the 360 parties will jointly search units together to force merchants to cooperate for a good search on website of identification authentication, cooperative businesses will online store will be posted in the integrity of business undertaking, Beijing City the Tourism Commission strongly supported the promotion of the landing platform."

search relevant person in charge, after the Beijing City Network Information Office of coordination and guidance, 360 good search by security technology strength, with the help of government forces of Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee, on-line search "false travel website reporting area" national level reporting channels. The majority of users by the reporting area enter false travel website address easily and quickly complete the search report, 360 with the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee will be a comprehensive collection of Internet users to report information, the first time to make the feedback processing and the public broadcast, which will effectively rectification of the online travel market chaos.

, 360 search market responsible person said that the search engine is an important entrance of user contact online travel, so the search has the responsibility and obligation to strictly control this barrier, so the public travel safety has been positive.

According to the 360

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