About DEDECMS robots file set ideas

1.dede directory, in order to consider the need to change the name of the website security. However, after the name change, we can not help wondering: how changed the name, set in the robots.txt file? Directly prohibit capture, leaked back catalog, is equal to the invalid name. So how to solve this problem? We can solve this problem by the following settings, such as the background directory for dedecms:

Disallow: /plus plugin and auxiliary function directory, some files can be open, such as search.php


Disallow: /uploads upload and download the file directory, do not want to search engine reference picture, ban

Disallow: /dede admin directory, the need to change the name, the specific settings behind specifically

Disallow: /index.php web page, static words, best to ban

User-agent: *


Allow: /plus/search.php open directory of the specific files

so we can prohibit the search engines crawl, and will not disclose the background directory name.

Disallow: /data system cache or other written data stored in the directory


Disallow: /member membership management directory, some files can be open

, focus on under the background management directory and column page settings:

Disallow: /templets default template directory

Disallow: /images system default template image storage directory

This is the basic

Disallow: /d*ms

2. column page. Some >

Disallow: /include core program file directory

does not apply to pseudo static DEDECMS website.

DEDECMS dream station will find that DEDECMS comes with the robots.txt file set is very simple (developers consider the directory structure and the optimization of each site based on the purpose of different), and can not fully meet the requirements of the website optimization, that how to combine their own website, do robots.txt optimization? Here are some of my thoughts for reference only.

Disallow: /404.html

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