Veteran how foreign chain specialist stage construction

work and the construction of the chain skills. After a period of running, the novice has become familiar with this occupation, so this time I will ask him, how do the chain can make the quality of their higher value-added chain development. For example, we sent a card in most cases will go down, if the early focus on the number of words, then the latter must improve quality, how to register other accounts, to improve the post heat utilization vest, or by using the accumulated contacts give better post exposure, with brand marketing in the chain construction process. Is the main task of this stage of the chain commissioner.

chain base construction development again. The chain platform although the effect is very good, but because the number of the chain is too large, so it is not a long-term plan, so the development of new platform became the Commissioner of the chain to the next phase of the literacy training. I will at this time, appropriate to give them some time to study the construction of the chain way more attractive, such as some time ago developed Witkey platform, for instance using the intitle commands to find all the advertisements containing the nature of forum "

. Is the operation platform of the Commissioner of the chain usually contact most frequently, and the platform is often existing daily project, because as a novice is difficult to dig out the new construction, and the platform is usually quiz for forums, as well as soft exchange three dollars for the project operation, as when in charge of data I generally pay more attention to their platform for data analysis. Only for a forum example, when the chain Commissioner in doing this, the general focus on two points, namely the post included rate and survival time, a collection of speed is an important basis for our decision is not for the construction of the chain in this, if the day included or last week included a lot of words, so this place we know that we often do. The second point is included in the survival time, because some of the forum included the fastest, but deleted too fast, the Commissioner of the chain to do is according to the statistics law.

On the improvement of The ?The properties of Analysis of law and society statistical data corresponding to master

, a Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is responsible for not only the overall construction scheme optimization, more important is the optimization of coverage, and this is one of the daily work of the chain is the new training specialist. Then in the usual training as a supervisor what should we pay attention to, or what is the training steps of

make new chain specialists work. Is the so-called quicken work, give a suitable occupation positioning chain of the Commissioner, is conducive to deepening their understanding of this work, but also conducive to work efficiency. Take me, I will give a new appointment before the first occupation planning training, let them know that the Commissioner of the chain is not the so-called hair of the chain, write soft, top stick like pure manual work, but with a complex marketing and brand building development work, if only post, the top post, I want to know is a computer can do this for their occupation planning is not a good thing.

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