The site has been K to restore mentality endure lured

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1, impatient peace and only one step away from

2, do not cheat your heart the most clear

when our website is K several first, everyone is a kind of mental state what? Some webmasters might like me, slowly become impatient, because not easy to do the station overnight back to the liberation, this is to let people depressed and bitter tears. Some webmasters may also like me to optimize its ability and skills to generate suspicion, even more people in one day did not have any effect on the choice to give up, when almost 2 months and I am ready to give up, but just a few and I stand ready to give up all out, after a station put it directly on the front page. So my mind calm again, come back to this problem, find yourself impatient over the head, also found peace and impatience only one step away, we can not see the nature of things through the phenomenon, whether it is love or Google Shanghai, he K station and not the key lies in your operation his technique is not violated the bottom line, I was a regular operation, basically no possibility of K, we all know that love Shanghai exhaust serious, he will probably want to K station holding a play of mind, I believe we have deep experience. The last is to remind you encountered by K station don’t be so nervous, peace of mind to deal with us, as long as they are not cheating, it wouldn’t be a big problem.

a child, a lie, would be very disturbed, most will finally admit, of course we’re not going to blame the child, but if a mature webmaster is cheating, but the site was K, also don’t know introspection, it is your own problem. In fact, our website is K and you have it Never mind my heart most clearly, don’t lie to yourself. Meet the site was K we should all be punished their possibility. If you have to cheat, then need to check, I a station in order to increase keyword density, specially the cloth Bureau, a keyword density of more than 8%, after the K I adjusted, after I check to 7%, the speed of the problem space to resolve, after the record directly to the network, also as far as possible to control the release of the chain speed, don’t send too much garbage, the chain also don’t do too much, to avoid the Shanghai love a good evaluation.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Do not know if you had loved Shanghai station K It is without rhyme or reason. lately, I hand inside several small, has always been a regular operation, do not know why is K off, let a person very headache, have had loved Shanghai right down, the station was K, but believes his Shanghai dragon the skill is very formal, before it has been taken to the way, slowly recovered. Here I have to share myself for the site to be K to some small experience of recovery.

3, K website is the most important.

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