Wheat bags Taobao keyword is no longer on the webmaster should how to treat

believes that as a major case, is not intimidated by these down the right, but this is nothing but to give us a good case, as an independent for a long time a website suddenly drop right certainly has its reasons, is probably the largest trading links too, then love Shanghai algorithm adjusted to lost ranking, as shown in the following, is the love of Shanghai for LEE days after the love.

link to purchase wheat bag The first point:

these days, in addition to the recent hot events, Jingdong, Gome, Suning under the war, plus 360 a comprehensive search, many friends will ignore one thing, that is the wheat bags of "Taobao" is not, remember the time for a long time, wheat bags have his love of Shanghai "Taobao" class of keywords for a long time, but in all the Taobao keyword in the wheat bags all disappeared, this article is written, the webmaster should look at how to disappear in the wheat bags in the "Taobao", thinking about how I have.

second: the subsequent reaction observation of

remember long ago a friend said, wheat bags with good website structure, according to Taobao keyword ranking to buy a lot of links, so I want to look at these, then find the chain, screenshots, random graph


from the Shanghai love weight can view the crystal clear, but also for the wheat bags, there is one point of it with the key done a lot of popular keywords, such as "Olympic Games", such as graph ranking status, is the wheat bags once through the connection cannot buy the same ranking, it is really can buy get strong ranking (at least in the past work).

in the aizhan chain queries, the number has reached the "1878" of the chain, and the chain should be most are visible here to buy, buy links strong intensity. So then we go down, since the wheat bags can be used outside the chain of large number of the Taobao keyword do, from where you can see the drop right? The author’s suggestion, the most direct point, love Shanghai weight, we look at the following screenshot.

drop right after

drop right before

analysis of wheat bags keyword ranking once all action


when the wheat bags "Taobao" is not in, I believe the reason is certainly in the link of this one, after all, occupied a huge role in the Internet link tree, the content is incomparable, content and caused very easily reproduced, then the original silly points not clear, so more and more people choose links. After all, the link is every rhythm, rather than the content, in this piece, the link still has a huge advantage and position.


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