Talk about the title and description views


started, has been entangled, how to define the title of the article, the natural location in title and description written above, so if I thought you, so I hope we can communicate. In this paper, title and description before, the two is the appearance of the website, the natural need rigorous treatment, so what title and description are Phil feel the best, then the first selection of some of the most commonly used to refer to the title and description.

also has a titile is to use the principle of word segmentation, word segmentation, easy to say, for example, in fact, more simple, where is some, then the segmentation principle where? Is the anchor text of their own? Is the primary key? And so on are all must face, then a word don’t want to say, what method can better do what title ah, said the titile, the kind of good things, don’t have evidence? Title and domain name weight are inseparable, after all a "performance is directly displayed on the title, others won’t move, naturally, one thousand people have one thousand title, a good source of title where? From their website, do what business, and then write these words, the words including brand, type, adjective, use, help , etc., and then put these words to it, how to read well how to write, this is the most natural way of title, rather than the clouds "

the following material from the network were randomly selected, one station is had been optimized, the primary key is also a period of time in the home, then what is the difference between the above two? Naturally, the difference lies in the distribution of keywords, and the core of a website is what; then the above two kinds of maps, the first set of 3-4 unrelated keywords, on the home page, in any case, this is not how, but you need to do if there is a correlation between key words, there is a certain improvement to the subject; for example, my own website "in the operation of a XX, XX Elliot XX, long tail is about XX, so this is a kind of improved the keyword, and another word is dispersed in a keyword weight; however, there is a saying, remember to Before the test, when the domain of the weight of high, home of the word will have some good rankings, and then through these words to find the place; but also a way, but this situation is likely to cause malicious and will create keyword ranking; a keyword as a primary key to do so, the effect will be more outstanding, at least, subject specific website, will not lead to error, because both the long tail of change, is still the main trunk, never change; just like the engine, determine the core engine of the website is king.

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