Shanghai love Shanghai Longfeng regular update is very important


of course, this example is not the case, for instance Yang Changsheng blog in another article (February 22nd) "love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm adjustment related domain greatly reduced". This article is for some reason not to release according to the normal rules of the article, in the beginning is not included in the sea. So why is the beginning not included? Because this article has been included in the Shanghai love, so this is Yang Changsheng here, the solution is to encounter such a situation.

you can see the article input address in love in Shanghai, that cannot be found in the URL, see the article search and see how the input address search engine in Google and

The following is the


input to the address of the search:


How also cannot do without the love of Shanghai

1, improve the right "

Chinese website optimization, and love Shanghai ranking rules in change, make it difficult to capture. But it has always the same thing, for example, to provide users with good quality content, giving the best user experience. But the wind recently by observing his blog for a long time also found a very important point: love Shanghai Shanghai dragon keep regular update is very important.

Yang Changsheng’s blog in general are 7:30 in the evening to update between 11:30 p.m., but there are few exceptions. There are several articles for some reason can not be updated at that time long segments of the original article, not included to love Shanghai. For example, written in April 22nd micro-blog summed up the "micro-blog fans not Bazhe forwarding number is king" (April 26th to now have not been included), and released by the previous form before regular articles are generally collected second days. And this situation only in love in Shanghai emerged, Google and other search and search engine is normal included.


and other search engines to verify everyone, here is no longer examples.

first Yang Changsheng believes that love Shanghai for these is not updated in accordance with the normal rules of articles (Yang Changsheng’s blog article most are formed to release between 11:30 p.m. at 7:30 p.m.), will give a certain observation period or the review period, even the article will give some lower weights. We all know you love Shanghai website article need to reach a certain value or weight is enough to import links. So in this situation, to love Shanghai not included your site article, what to do? In fact have to tell you, there are two main ways:

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