The small and medium sized enterprise business search engine marketing solutions overview



to do business in the search engine marketing (SEM) when only stay in the love of Shanghai promotion stage, while ignoring the enterprise website stage and selling stage, so we can clearly see that the enterprise’s marketing effect is not ideal. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin, love Shanghai certified marketing consultant, a push SEM channel editor, speed transit network columnist, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to talk more about love Shanghai for promotion friends, please visit Yao Ruibin (phonetic) card or mother love Shanghai Yao Ruibin. Please keep the reprinted copyright information.

In 2012 eleven Alipay


, a Shanghai love promotion stage

we should first clear enterprise website function is to inform and convince potential target audience, so we should define our enterprise website function and how to persuade a potential target audience for the next consultation. It should be noted that the enterprise should be the contact information on the obvious place, the construction site according to the needs of the audience’s browsing habits design, more important is our corporate website is a super salesman, then we should be the target audience love as well as the contents of our product / service enterprises selling reasonable display in the enterprise website.

double turnover 19 billion 100 million yuan, 2013 double eleven Alipay turnover of 35 billion 100 million yuan, with the development of the Internet, e-commerce continues to mature, to encourage more enterprises to do network marketing transformation. Some people say network marketing enterprises do not want to do the problem, but to survive they must do, then how to do network marketing will be a problem for enterprises. Today the share is small and medium-sized enterprise search engine marketing (SEM) solution overview.

two, enterprise website

sales stage We are familiar with the first

Baidu promotion stage is a drainage link, so how to obtain more accurate flow, attract the potential target audience is a very important link, so it requires enterprises from the perspective of potential audience screening keywords and creative writing, also need depth analysis of potential target audience search behavior in different stages of purchase enterprise push different selling point, also need in a highly dynamic environment in the rational allocation of marketing resources, and according to the Shanghai love promotion account data mining analysis, put the guideline for account optimization and advertising creative enterprises.


sales stage is the last link of our business, is a very important link, in front of us do is to attract potential target audience to the corporate website, so it requires website >

search engine marketing effect into the funnel, the funnel is composed of three stages: love Shanghai enterprise website promotion stage, sales stage and stage, so we from the three dimensions of specific said enterprises should pay attention to the problems in every phase.

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