The search engine types and detection methods of punishment

1. stie: instruction search site domain name

can also find some websites in the search engine, but the web site keywords ranking drop all. The large decline, if it is from the first page to page second is not to be punished, the first few pages suddenly fell to dozens of pages, the interval is relatively large, so that there may be punished. From the first page to page second may be the algorithm changes or competitors more than.

The second is The main keyword If all or most of the

search engine is a form of punishment, the first serious is the site in the search engine to find, site: website domain name website is not included due to cheating or is caused by server problem. May also be due to illegal content, website robots.txt document, from search engines.

sites have ranked keyword overall decline, the site being punished, here we should pay attention to comprehensive record tracking keyword ranking. Most of the time there is a part of the website keyword ranking drop, another part of keyword ranking increased or unchanged, this situation is not to be punished, in large sites most likely to encounter different keywords, rising and falling part gone today, another part of tomorrow will rise very normal. "

and search site name, search a website only themselves to have certain words, such as contact, email, company introduction and so on, if the row on the first page, it is not punishment, if not on the first page, the site was a form of punishment.

a web site is the last to be punished, in the search engine ranking drop, other secondary keywords and long tail keywords and ranking unchanged, this situation is often because of excessive external links optimization or spam links caused, caused by high concentration of the anchor text.

to search the text on the site

did not find any results in the search engine, that is the site of severe punishment, search engine pull hair.

There are a lot of

above three is a common type of punishment, we should know the search engine punishment is not so easy to detect, the website keyword ranking downward flow rate fell because of being punished or search engine changes or new competitors came in and so on the reason why we can’t clearly found. Through the detection of several methods can help determine.

search site name in a search engine, if you are not ranked in the first official website, that your site is being punished, we need to pay attention to the things of this site is not a popular name for their own kind, but the theme of the site site name, unique name, your own web site.

4. tracking website keywords

2. search site name

The unique 3.

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