The line on the website to solve search engine recognition and trust issues


identification code, the code structure is very clear. The first site code structure to very clear, redundant code to clean up. The search engine is not recognized by the code put less or try not to put, including flash JS ifarme pictures of video and audio multilayer nested table table. Jane white suggested that nested table is not more than two layers.

3, robots.txt file. Use this file screen search engine can’t identify and not allow search engines to identify content. For example, early in order to avoid the search engine spiders into the empty page, Jane is white to shield the empty page using the robots.txt file, the content such as filling up, and then cancel the shield with the appropriate chain into the spiders to crawl.

for the new online site quickly through the assessment period, need to solve search engine recognition and trust problems, if these problems are not properly solved, keywords ranking to enter the top twenty to. If your site is Shanghai dragon to optimize long-term no effect, or not included, ranking drop down right, etc., may also be the basis of the problems caused by improper treatment. Jane little leucorrhea and see everyone search engine recognition and trust on the website of the problem.

path identification and path for the search engine is very smooth, to grasp the content of your website. Including path (URL) standard, given the search engine crawl path only; and on the path (URL) of the structure of a reasonable layout, set the path as short as possible, the secondary search engines crawl and recognition of website content is very smooth.


chain. Fill in the web site before the online, it should do the internal recommend each other through ascension within the page weight chain system. In addition to avoid #, empty links appear on the page, we have a lot of websites have this problem, and has nothing to do with the nofollow shielding of the chain, avoid weight loss website weight concentration.

map. Let the search engine spiders to the page, the web site content is not perfect, do not need to do site map. Such as talent network, classified information, B2B, portal etc. these sites, large content site architecture made perfect. It’s hard to lead to early will appear a lot of empty pages. These empty pages out of the search engines, will lead to the overall credit evaluation of the initial site decreased, leading to the site can not obtain good rankings, even for a long period of time around 20 after.

, from a search engine to identify, build trust in

two, from web content processing, building trust


4, website launch > avoid repair

3, an identification tag, make weight code set, let search engine smoothly weighted. The application of ALT contains H tags, labels and the application of the title tag set, bold tag etc..

In 1,

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