Explain how to optimize the site navigation

team arrangement

3), the late effect of site planning prediction

2), analysis of

product competition area analysis of competitive strength of productsThe competition intensity of

site navigation as a key site optimization should have specific methods of operation, how to layout the column navigation keywords, how to design URL need to be considered carefully according to user experience principle, following Wang Kejiang for everyone a concrete explanation:

if your site positioning for the industry website, then keywords site navigation layout should consider the industry’s current situation, site navigation keywords layout is the core word layout or target keywords layout to do specific survey according to the characteristics of the industry, the investigation direction should be in data analysis, population analysis, market analysis and so on, only to do the detailed analysis of properties to locate keywords of the layout of the site navigation. According to the results of qualitative analysis, statistical keyword distribution nature of the industry, and then screened for their own keywords as portal site navigation.

in the planning website at the beginning, the site determines the propagation direction of the estimated effect of website, if the team will do what improper operation on column processing and operations team to achieve the effect, expand the website, and even expand direction, professional development, development or parallel to make detailed records.

2 products, website planning and positioning

1), industry positioning


1, the portal site planning or brand positioning

must also consider the team’s ability to operate in the site navigation design, each navigation maintained by the number of personnel, maintenance personnel and specific capacity, forecast team actual operation ability, after measuring team ability in understanding or according to the specific operation team estimates the extended navigation column, it is the steady development of act with undue haste, portal survival the road.

competitive products may have regional characteristics, so the design can be considered in accordance with the navigation area to locate, after making a reasonable analysis, do regional navigation design, this can go to catch user groups, and the lateral import web traffic, in order to retain customers, expand the user population effect.


products determines the product design mode of navigation, to early in the operation of the website competition analysis, analysis of the degree of monopoly competition and product keywords ranking position; statistics according to each keyword statistics, specific keywords page in the chain and the chain layout, even the statistics page keywords writing style; observation layout the way the competition website navigation and location of the site navigation, that can improve the navigation competition advantage, make according to the user reading and search site navigation requirements.

2), positioning

, a site navigation key layout should follow the original site planning concept, site positioning determines the direction of the site later.


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