2016 new Shanghai dragon should do outside the chain of high quality

in Shanghai can find the love to find similar platform:

know, love Shanghai Iask, Sogou ask, question and answer, 360 questions and answers many ask seemingly can not leave the link station, it is the need of some skills, such as using a mobile phone to answer questions, PC, just to test, will find a way. The specific method of love Shanghai Ren Wei Shanghai Longfeng blog in my blog to my blog. There is help – this love Shanghai know how to do marketing quiz promotion methods. I hope you can help.

chain – including WeChat group, QQ group communication in the community, the group is powerful, often is, as long as you dare to send someone to look, but as long as the content is related with the community, generally will not be deleted.

links – in question answering platform as the drainage way better, leave the link is difficult.

forums or community chain – the most primitive method, small series is not recommended, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, proper hair. To promote the drainage well.

started the Shanghai dragon friends know Shanghai Longfeng website promotion when exposed to the "content is king, the chain emperor" the truth. Love Shanghai last July’s announcement that the hyperlink algorithm latest trust only within a small range and high quality of the chain, the chain of garbage can not increase the weight, even if some of the rubbish are found on the day after a period of time, did not find out, directly blocked, but also easy to fall right even K station, the chain can do it! The answer is yes, is not afraid of wind blowing, for the novice, in addition to the content of the website and services, but also let more people understand. Small chain according to the development trend of 2016, finishing the chain of reference, hope for the novice some help Shanghai dragon life.

The general method of

Q & a platform to do outside the chain, because, in general, the flow of people answering platform is relatively large, and is also most eager to solve their own problems demand, so as long as we can successfully leave our links on the platform in question and answer it. And so the chain can also play a very good effect, and so the chain also belongs to the high quality.

we novice looking for the chain platform are complaining, mainly in the first, can directly publish information (need to keep accounts) platform less registration platform high threshold. Second, in order to pursue the quantity just looking for some easy hair, hair are rotten platform. Third, whether or not and industry related to the release of.



love love Shanghai Shanghai products – Wikipedia, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love the experience that Shanghai library, Shanghai library and the quality of love to love the best Shanghai encyclopedia. But generally more stringent, the need for manual review.

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