Novice how to correctly learn Shanghai Longfeng optimize your learning process

5, if you are not yourself, but for the people and good, can recognize the master, this is fate, teacher guide you will immediately enter the Shanghai dragon more stage, after all, self-study can be a waste of time, time is money.

is now more and more people begin to learn Shanghai dragon, but when many people began to learn, always can not find the direction, today to introduce the novice to learn Shanghai dragon, the hope of your Shanghai dragon to help bring about learning. First learn Shanghai dragon can be divided into self-study, and participate in related training, so we really should be self-study or participate in relevant training, in fact, this mainly depends on your personal learning ability and the ability to understand, if you have strong learning ability, their thinking and more flexible it is of course good self-study

in self-study also and some webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng circle friends exchange, each exchange once found a new knowledge point you will find the Shanghai dragon learning will burst Mengjin, then I will write a new general learning process to write self-study Shanghai Dragon Well, only for some friends.

provides some advice and guidance.


2, a few Shanghai dragon to search online video tutorials, the best is more comprehensive, personal recommendation, "Cao Peng said" Shanghai dragon video tutorial is very good, there is "how to love Shanghai Google keyword optimization" video tutorial, watch the video tutorial, you learn to read the best correspondence the knowledge, because there are some video footage of the actual combat.

4, learning to a certain stage to meet relevant peers and friends, when they meet you is the best one of their Shanghai dragon learning blog, which is a symbol of your identity, you will easily accept you.

1, Shanghai dragon is the best choice of self-study a comprehensive book to seriously read, in addition you remember only one on the line, see more is a waste of time, now the era of information explosion if you are not only a waste of time and it will find themselves nothing to learn, do not know how to start the recommended reading book, "SEO magic book" "Shanghai dragon combat code"

6, Shanghai dragon learning is a thing you must insist for a long time, Shanghai dragon learners to have patience, continue to progress in the study of new technology, to enter the Shanghai dragon.

3, go online to participate in some public lectures or training, now there are many online QQ group have public lectures and training is best in a period, so learn to your knowledge will be of great help and improve, at the same time with the two step can be started in time to participate in public welfare combat training, combat it is important to.

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