Love is 622628 Shanghai website K 301 to restore the ranking analysis test

The original domain name

is the first few days: this forum crazy website for 8 days of 7 of the weight of the website of literature


love Shanghai, most small owners living pillar, it allows you to feed one family, also can let you sleep back to before liberation, since love Shanghai from the beginning of 6.22, basically every other week in large quantities K a site, the site was K, every webmaster are very angry, the forum set the sound of complaining, what is the use of it, is to think of ways to adapt in order to survive, of course, love Shanghai, love Shanghai the K station, I made the network have not been spared, although not K, but no ranking, starting from the 6.22K station, there have been 2 months, I found that the site may do 301 fast recovery ranked below see example

first to analyze this web site the original domain name is now 301 to www.wenxueda贵族宝贝

The word


www.startos贵族宝贝 ranked fourth, but we love Shanghai but have not included

new domain name 24 hours included the amount of

24 hours included the amount of




The new

second: we are more familiar with the website’s


still has not included rankings

can be seen here, although love Shanghai gave 301 new ranking, but the new content included is not friendly, still included the old domain name


domain name weight 6 now, it is no use how long


has a fast 301 months, always included but love Shanghai only 500

to QQ alumni how the word lit up for example

ylmf portal in August 8th changed its name to the starting point will be the site of operating system portal, then the opening of the new domain name www.startos贵族宝贝


to www.startos贵族宝贝 and the original domain name within 24 hours of recorded number is the number of

primary domain to buy high weight links, included in the about 8000000, listen to the forum said on the original website weight is 8, now 301, a week of love Shanghai put the weight transfer over

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