Meta two Keywords code optimization and Description optimization standard

(1) Keywords don’t put too much words, generally less than 7.

quoted content:
< title> the owners of the house – China station CHINAZ贵族宝贝| we are committed to provide power for Chinese website! < /title>
< meta name=" Keywords" content=" owners, the owners of the house, the webmaster information station network, webmaster tools " /> "

Hello, I am. To share the Meta code optimization two days before (a) to optimize the standard –title optimization, now continue optimization of Meta code to share (two) Keywords and Description optimization standard.

Here we see an example of

(3) Keywords does not recommend changes, changes will lead to decreased page weight (mainly refers to the love of Shanghai search engine), a friend of the medical website, the station changed a total of 1500 pages, 1000 page keywords, the original keywords flow the long tail about 1000 to 200, the ranking of keywords is decreased keywords keywords modified page.

(1) Description words suggest 75 characters, 150 characters, so the search engine can be indexed by the user just to see, more than the number of users is not to see there is no actual effect.


(3) Description to meet the user experience optimization, in addition, we also need to write Description keywords we arranged, placed more rely on more important keywords. Description is our page, only need to write the page core on the line.

(2) Keywords only recommended home page, directory page, content page and important theme page which contains, does not recommend the inside pages containing Keywords, because the page contains, the first is the need to spend a lot of manpower, second is Keywords if writing is not accurate would be counterproductive, because Keywords itself is given very low weight, if you set is not reasonable, it will lead to the long tail keywords page down right.


Keywords standard

Description standard


(2) to do to put the page keywords into the Description, and the title keyword contains not write. Description contains keywords is advantageous for the keyword ranking.

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