The search engine Google crisis upgrade engine can understand the statement said

Google search product manager Satyajeet Salgar in the official blog, Google search can now more accurate understanding with the date information search request, for example, users can ask questions of "California 1988 population size is

[Abstract] for Google, the most important business is YouTube, web search has been ranked second.

, Google said, the search engine has been able to understand more complex sentences, and in the decomposition and analysis after the search, the user can ask questions such as "the Losangeles angels baseball team won the United States Championship is the president of the United States where a

Google search engine of the crisis, the outside world has to look in the eyes. An analysis of the foreign media recently pointed out that, for Google, the most important business is YouTube, web search has been ranked second. The main reason is the search engine product form old, very difficult to have the breakthrough for mobile phone users.

according to foreign media reports, the traditional web search engine traffic is declining year by year, shortly before the professionals have pointed out that nearly half of the intelligent mobile phone users around the world, no longer use the "old" web search engine, they rely on a variety of professional APP, to obtain more accurate and more information available. Obviously, the user is presented with low efficiency service for hundreds of thousands of pages of results, it is difficult to meet the demand for mobile phone users.

is probably aware of the crisis of survival, Google began to enhance search products, draw users. Days ago, Google announced, to further improve the search engine’s IQ, can understand more complex user.


announced the official Google before the search client upgrade, intelligent degree increased, can understand the user input sentence search.

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, Google also announced that the search engine users have begun public information internal crawl Facebook client, which will enhance the value of search engine.

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said Google, the search engine is currently able to understand comparatives and superlatives, and digital concepts such as sorting, can understand the user submitted "the largest city in Texas is that a

is being replaced by APP as everyone knows, the old mobile phone version of the site, if the search engine can not grab APP internal information, will gradually become a source of water, the value of lost information search. (Chen Xi

Tencent Francisco November 17th message, in the mobile Internet era, a variety of vertical APP (such as APP, APP travel reservation) is replacing the traditional web search engine, search traffic declined year by year, Google (micro-blog), Shanghai faces the crisis of future love.

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