Month: March 2017

Tender some firecrackers

"A suichu fireworks, energy-saving." The Spring Festival less firecrackers sound as if the taste of less. Both fireworks, firecrackers, the smell is strong, the smell of the air is thick. "Spring Festival is coming, in order to our blue sky, the Spring Festival firecrackers can not put, even if you want to put, we can not put a little, let the sound of a little bit, a little shorter time, so that some tender tender." Even the day, many people call the newspaper to reflect the Spring Festival approaching, the phenomenon of firecrackers in high streets and back lanes increased, both air pollution and the impact of the city, there are security risks, seriously affected the city pollution and a city, not recommended or put firecrackers less. So, in the face of hard won pollution control results, between the blue sky and gray, the last thousand years of fireworks and firecrackers in the end should not continue in the face of trade-offs, how would you choose?

"New Year firecrackers this is an old custom, but in recent years, the air quality is worrying. Through a period of governance, the city’s air quality has been effectively improved, the number of days the people have a blue sky increased. I think it should be based on the actual weather conditions, air quality is recommended to reduce or prohibit the setting off firecrackers." Mr. Su said the public. Ms. Zhao said, firecrackers less can not only reduce the air pollution, also let the noise, fire and explosion accidents from each side, "the children I have to worry about the danger of firecrackers, the rest of the debris clean up too much, or less put some good."

firecrackers so that the city and the people are very hurt read more

Xining public security work to do a good job in the city to meet the prosecution

In order to further improve the national civilized city assessment work, and constantly consolidate and enhance the achievements of civilized cities, the City Council in accordance with the city Bureau of the Party committee in accordance with the unified deployment, and actively carry out the work of civilized city assessment work

to do a good job in the national civilized city assessment work, and constantly consolidate and enhance the civilized city to create results, according to the Municipal Bureau of Municipal Bureau of the Party committee in accordance with the unified deployment, actively carry out the work of civilized city assessment work. read more

Win difficult workers to overcome difficulties

recently, the Provincial Federation of trade unions held a forum on work out difficult worker difficulties will be deployed, the meeting to convey to learn the national union rights protection work spirit, group discussion "on the difficulties workers win battle plan" out of predicament "on the difficulties workers helping families to carry out the daily life of the" detailed rules "on the illness difficult for workers to carry out medical relief implementation details." "on the difficult children of employees during the university student and will help to carry out the whole industry can help to carry out detailed rules", and the removal of trapped work plan and concrete measures, there are difficulties to conduct exchanges and discussions on the difficulties workers problems. read more

Xining City Association awarded the national advanced honor

in May 30th the closing of the Chinese science and Technology Association of the Eighth National Congress, the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Association (hereinafter referred to as the "association") won the "national advanced collective system of science and technology pacesetter honorary title, this is the city for ever obtained the highest honor.

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The 315 day Xining air quality all the way Xining blue sky report behind

flight delays, masks become hot selling goods, people like to do morning exercises have to stay at home…… When the field bursts of haze warning, people took various measures to deal with the bad weather, Xining City days of fine weather, people have come to the outdoors, in the blue sky under the breath of fresh air.

according to the Xining municipal environmental protection department statistics show that in the past 2012, the excellent rate of air quality in Xining city was 86.07%, city air quality days to 315 days, the air quality in May to October, the excellent rate was 100%. Such a blue sky report has become a hot topic this year, the NPC and CPPCC deputies and CPPCC members in Xining. Is located in high altitude, climate condition is far better than the capital city of the Central Plains and coastal areas, Xining can have a few golden name card such good result cannot do without the city is focused on creating the national civilized city of Tibet, garden city, national environmental protection model city, National Forest city. read more

Public school fees to accept social supervision

on the morning of February 27th, the Xining City Bureau of Education held in the spring of 2013, the opening of the working meeting, the spring of the school teachers and students to report, curriculum, campus security and charges to make detailed arrangements.

Director of

City District Education Bureau Xu Jie, belonged to the schools around the "standard + characteristics" of the concept of educational development plan of the school development, the school should establish a scientific concept of education, individual development must comply with the requirements of teachers and students; schools should clearly vigorously promote education philosophy; in the school’s work should be deeply internalized School of philosophy, and into Teachers’ beliefs; at the same time, requiring schools on campus greening, landscaping, create a strong atmosphere of the new semester, timely public policy, charging fees and charges, shall not be any reason to raise fees, fees, fees to expand the scope, and accept the parents of the students and social supervision. (author: Chen Jun)
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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry has been rated as civilized units

In recent years, Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau City branch of the correct leadership of the provincial and municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the city district government, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", earnestly implement the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Scientific Outlook on Development, closely around the Party’s grasp of a business, do a good job in the three service, with a good a team of "the general idea of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, keep pace with the times, actively carry out a series of" unit "to create provincial spiritual striving activities, creating a good situation in the whole creation, everyone involved in the work, so that the overall situation of have a rapid development, the cadres and workers of the ideological and political consciousness and occupation moral standards are further improvement, achieved in the team construction, style construction, the construction of morals and administrative law, and civilized law enforcement etc. Remarkable achievement. At all levels of care wenmingwei, in assisting units, recently, Xining City branch of the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Provincial Committee of civilization as "civilized unit", the six branch of industrial and commercial, municipal and district level has been rated as "civilized unit". (author: Zhang Kaifeng) read more

Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to carry out the positive wind Su Ji and improve the qua

According to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice in the "four special" deployment, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined with the actual work, conscientiously carry out the positive wind Su Ji, improving quality and efficiency of special operations, and achieved initial results. First, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen supervision and supervision. Set up a special action leading group, each action by a deputy director in charge of the office of the people’s education, the office led the development of programs to determine the carrier, the decomposition of the task, a clear responsibility. During the period, the deputy secretary in charge of each window unit and led in-depth business, service attitude, to answer the question, legal awareness, personnel personnel conducted a thorough investigation, unannounced visits to the problems found in the on-site feedback to the county branch, the County Bureau immediately rectification. Two is to strengthen the theoretical study, improve the theoretical level. Through the weekly learning center group, the daily morning reading, special counseling and other forms, organize cadres to learn Xi Jinping and other leading comrades spoke at the party’s mass line educational practice; focus on learning the provisions of the central eight provincial Bureau of 21 measures and 17 measures and the "State Administration for Industry and Commerce six ban", "Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau seven ban" spirit of the document. At the same time, the cadres of the organization to carry out law enforcement documents, case review, the basic skills of law enforcement investigators, market players registered business knowledge and learning and training. During the period, carried out a random file activities, organized a two focus on learning activities, each party members to participate in the branch learning activities 4 times, the average record of learning notes to write 5000 words, write the experience of the experience of the 2. Three is the self correction, to find the gap. In strict accordance with the "Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau mention quality and efficiency action plan" and "Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau Tilly Su Ji action plan", "four check four", combined with the actual positions of departments and individuals, seriously find and analyze in the sense of purpose, ideas, duties and work etc. the problem of the existence of long-term off without leave, absenteeism, and in the course of law enforcement investigators chinakayao, daily work, poor service attitude, negative coping, efficiency is not high phenomenon of the clean up and rectify. The four is a serious discipline, During the special operation, personnel inspection team, in-depth County branch of the Department of industry and commerce as well as the window to carry out a thorough investigation on 42 times, tardiness, work time playing games, public funds, poor service attitude, fees and other outstanding issues found in the inspection for criticism 4 times, criticized the staff of 36 people (Times) 1, administrative sanctions, disciplinary action against 4 people; clean up does not work long-term staff of 5 people. The use of the Municipal Bureau of public vehicles and parking conditions were not regularly checked, did not ask for parking vehicles and buses on the issue of a written notification.   read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment fully deployed to carry out three super

The remediation of "speeding surchage overload and fatigue in Xining city driving violations special action started, the traffic police detachment of the brigade in accordance with the" rectification plan "requirements, careful research and deployment, to carry out the full deployment of the" three super fatigue "traffic violations special rectification work

  "regulation of speeding surchage overload and fatigue in Xining city driving violations special action started, the traffic police detachment of the brigade in accordance with the" rectification plan "requirements, careful research and deployment, to carry out the full deployment of the" three super fatigue "traffic violations special rectification work. read more

Xiangya No 2 Hospital Central South University Qinghai Red Cross Hospital Medical Cooperation hosp

in order to provide a more advanced, effective and safe medical services for the people in our province, in July 29th, Xiangya No.2 Hospital, Central South University, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital officially listed in the hospital".

Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University, since the implementation of the new health care reform, to join the country’s more than and 170 hospitals set up the country’s first inter provincial medical alliance, in order to promote the improvement of remote areas and grassroots health. The Qinghai Red Cross Hospital and Xiangya No.2 Hospital "marriage", "the form of hospital, hospital of the discipline and discipline team on team", and "ladder" training mode, to provide professional talent reserves for the Qinghai Red Cross hospital cooperation in key departments in operation and management, improve the hospital management and function management capabilities, in order to to enhance the comprehensive ability and overall competitiveness of hospital technology. read more