Month: April 2017

Catch the 5 hot follow the trend of investment

the development of each industry, have their own rules, in line with the market in order to win more business opportunities. In the past year, although IPO continued closing, but Chinese capital market is still bustling, mergers and acquisitions emerge in an endless stream, the concept of the Internet and mobile Internet hit…… In many projects of venture capital institutions squandering "for every possible investment.

2014 years, venture capital investment trends will be how to change the Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday interviewed the wind investment institutions, finishing the year or will appear in the top five investment trends.

IPO: a forecast to restart the  

IPO is substantive floodgates is naturally the most loved things for all investment institutions, 2014 analysis report from the Institute of investment, the IPO reform will continue to promote the approval system to a registration system transition is not an easy thing, the registration system is to improve the degree of marketization, still need to wait for the relevant legal confirmation. In addition, the delisting mechanism is also an important supporting measures for the reform of the IPO system, there is no delisting mechanism constraints, the full disclosure of information into the stock market, but also the lack of a long-term mechanism of self supervision. Therefore, to speed up the improvement of the exit mechanism, eliminate the requirements of listed companies, will be conducive to the reform of new shares.

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Business attitude and sincere

attitude in many cases can be decided to a lot of things, especially in the business, attitude will be able to directly determine the final transaction. So, if you want to successy run a shop, sincere attitude will be very important.

a few days before 4 in the afternoon, a heavy rain, the rest of the people trapped in my big sun umbrella under the three.

"boss, do you have an umbrella?"

"yes, it’s raining so hard outside. Don’t stay out, let’s go in and have a look." I called the three guests into the room and took out an umbrella. read more

Choose snacks to join the brand need to pay attention to what

snack food and beverage industry is now developing a good industry, food and clothing, eat in the first row, so the importance of eating, in good times, entrepreneurship, innovation of mass catering, investment is still a hot industry, compared to tall on the restaurant chain, snack items more popular snacks to join the brand what note: the following five positioning rules to remember.

one, the main single product positioning method

snacks to join the brand need to pay attention to what? It’s important to have a small restaurant chain, but the defense is more important. Ask, the threshold is not high in the small food market, who will not do a few dishes, so when the chain opened to a certain scale, the battlefield defense is very difficult. Only focus on a dish, and take the specialty as a single product strategy, continue to study in depth, deepening to toss, deepening to upgrade, do consumers think that only the chain brand, this dish is the most professional, the most reliable choice, in order to take defense. Not because of the professional focus, but because the focus of professional. Defense of a dish, in the end to form a competitive, and ultimately the formation of the industrial chain, and ultimately the formation of a real small restaurant chain brand. read more

Good entrepreneurs are good at learning

a good entrepreneur, able to lead his team to improve, but also to allow enterprises to develop and grow steadily. So, what are the advantages of excellent entrepreneurs? From the external point of view, the outstanding entrepreneurs have the ability to include: management ability, decision-making ability, innovation ability, the ability to know people, the ability to respond, social skills, such as the ability to express. But in the final analysis, the most important thing is their ability to learn. read more

Foshan South China Sea Overseas Students Union for entrepreneurial bypass

foreign students and overseas Chinese, constitute a special force in the current entrepreneurial army. Nanhai District of Foshan brought together a number of returnees force, set up a bridge between the South China Sea area and business overseas, inject new vitality into the management of activities.

"even in Singapore, I am not afraid of loneliness. Because, even if I am overseas, I can find my family." Talked about the experience of studying in Singapore, Dali Man Liu Haoyan said with a smile. Since joining the South China Sea (Overseas) student union Singapore workstation, he often through the network to understand the development and changes of my hometown, hometown Shidishimei answer about study in Singapore consulting. read more

Fabric bed ten brands list

in the bedding market, cloth art bed due to comfort always has a very big market, because of the huge demand will form more brand. In short, the cloth bed, contracted design style, design idea on the formation of a healthy and comfortable, not only to retain the unique product warm and full of fashion rhythm, welcomed by the market is high, in order to meet to the needs of more consumers, small this fabric bed ten big brand rankings.

The biggest advantage of

fabric bed is that only a simple procedure will be able to make cloth bed clean as new. First on the bed fabric "parts" a piece of demolition, and then clean the air, and then set the original appearance. However, due to the dust cloth bed often attached to the bed for a long time, difficult to clean, so it is best to put in the washing machine before bed in the fabric with a soft brush the dust on the brush clean cloth cover. read more

Business notes one or two

to work as their own boss, more and more people to join the ranks of the entrepreneurial, aimed at winning their brilliant future! So, what are the notes on the road? Let’s take a look at it!

note: good money to

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Chengdu sun KEE NVESTMENT stone grilled squid is good

in the daily life in the table is more common seafood dishes are squid, squid practice is very special, so the general cooking squid, squid taste is generally very good. Squid, also known as squid, squid, soft animal head Diplopoda subclass ten wrist head tube sheath squid oegopsida animal. The cone-shaped, pale, with light brown spots, big head, the front has 10 foot contact, the tail end of the triangular form, often in groups cruising in about 20 meters deep in the sea. Squid has rich nutrition, is a very popular category! Remember Chengdu sun stone squid monopolize the market, in the market has a high visibility, Chengdu Shen Shi investment remember squid is good? For this question Xiaobian made the following answer: read more

Baby supplies store earn money

‘s market is very huge market, whose parents do not take home baby as a pearl in the palm grip in the palm of the hand, fear, afraid of breaking down on the ground? Faced with such a huge market, why not open a baby store?

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Entrepreneurship is not as difficult as you think

many students want to go to business, but always feel that entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, here I tell you that a successful case of college students, we hope to be able to inspire!

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