Month: June 2017

Tianjin snack bar open how easily the monthly income of million

Tianjin food culture has a very profound connotation,   to the Tianjin snack market to develop their own career is not an easy thing, but now the market has been hot snacks, snacks taste, deeply attracted consumers, so that the operation of a snack food stores is a good business choose. So how to operate in Tianjin snack million a month? Small series for the following three suggestions for you to see!

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How to open an optical shop to recommend a good name

The market demand of

glasses is fervent, profit is rich and generous, poineering open glasses shop also is to have money greatly. Now start up an interesting shop name can be better to attract the attention of consumers, then, where to find interesting glasses shop name? Here we provide a number of interesting glasses shop name reference!

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Secret brand home textile store promotional skills

now many brands of textile products, its quality is not a lot of features, but after the promotion and marketing of the brand, and instantly feel many more value-added products, to attract consumers, which requires businesses to master certain management skills.

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WeChat has brought a new business model t’s hard to be a business model

now WeChat public number can be said to be numerous, a lot of WeChat users are very exclusive to add these public numbers. However, have to say is that many businesses are very concerned about this marketing platform. Does WeChat bring a new business model?


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An analysis of the pros and cons of middle age Entrepreneurship

said people who cannot succeed to the middle-aged, who said that middle-aged people cannot achieve their own career? Compared with young people, physical and life and many other aspects, middle-aged people have many disadvantages, but middle-aged people have their own unique advantages! The following Xiaobian for you to take advantage of the pros and cons of middle-aged entrepreneurs!

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How to ensure more customer service in summer

season is different, the time is different, the service will be different, if you want to service has been very in place, naturally need to take certain business strategy. Recently, Shandong Ji’nan hot and rainy, is a test of working out a long-term customer manager. So, how should the customer manager to adjust their work, to ensure that customer service in place? The author believes that, from the point of detail, specifically divided into the following three aspects:

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How much is enough to open a clothing store

how much does it cost to open a clothing store? This is a question we all have. For many people, this is a piece of the budget is more concerned about. Xiaobian feel that the amount of investment in the clothing to join depends on their own strength! There can be more investment, you can invest in a small block of small business! Here’s a look at the clothing to join the relevant matters!

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Software engineer resigned to return home online selling lychee rich local

now there are a lot of home business, at the same time, some of the more successful in the big city people also hope to use their abilities to help the home building, for the benefit of its own hometown, now is the home business has become a social trend.

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Women do poineering work the two times the greatest difficulty from internal to well prepared

for female entrepreneurs, the failure is not terrible, adjust the mentality to stand up, the same can be successful. The day before, as a speaker to Beijing to participate in the theme of "entertainment and adolescent" 2005 Chinese Youth Social Education Forum of the American cable television channel of female founder, President and CEO of Media Oxygen  Geraldine · Lei Boen (Geraldine  Lay-bourne) and MS. Beijing dodo culture art limited company chairman Wang Shuqi, Beijing Yingzhibao automotive sales service limited company chairman Li Ying female two undertaking the topic of the dialogue.

the greatest difficulty for the first time entrepreneurial women, often encounter a lack of funds, the project experience and problems, and for the two pioneering women from family to society to the workplace, it is difficult and the biggest obstacle from your heart.

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What are the process of opening the store in different places

local economic downturn, a success rate of the poor, many entrepreneurs have different stores ideas, so the remote open stores has become a fashion, get a lot of entrepreneurs from.

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