Month: September 2017

Novice how to deal with the Shanghai dragon service orders


here is divided into two kinds, one is the customer specified keywords ranking, we don’t need him keyword positioning is accurate, only need to help him complete his assigned goal. For example, the customer requirements of certain keywords do love Shanghai home.

two, after a good location, the next station is optimized. Including navigation, page 404, keyword density and layout, code structure simplification, ROBOTS and so on.

five, in the update and the chain at the same time, we always go to observe the ranking and flow rate of the site, as well as some other data analysis, make corresponding adjustment constantly. read more

Methods and skills to expand the long tail keywords

both in love Shanghai search engine or search engine in the noble baby, are not difficult to find that most are related to the search column below, this column is related to search for users better search, is also the focus on user experience.


(a), long tail keywords extension method

5, website traffic statistics tool

on the market, long tail keywords tools tend to get Shanghai Longfeng the favor of the ER, it can be more efficient to grasp more long tail keywords, improve the working efficiency of Shanghai dragon er. Keywords mining tools Chinese a few keywords, English mining Wordtracker many people use online tools. read more

Mall site column page optimization focus on three major details

for a mall section of the page, that the individual can add some articles appropriately, so that the column page is more abundant, both image and text, the station optimization can optimize the appropriate from these articles, add more columns of keyword related articles, such as my title is _ tea – tea set tea price _ gift set, the same is the target keywords column, we should focus on these key words to write in the update, and then do the anchor text link, for this, I think we can make reference to the next long ceremony intended optimization mall site: read more

Many performance down the right site and corresponding countermeasures

this time you should pay attention to, because this is the standard of right down, you might be in the original operation in, feel what has not changed, why is that? Love is actually very simple, the algorithm does not stop in Shanghai to change, suddenly when a relatively large adjustment many of the web site is not suitable for this algorithm is not appropriate, will cause the website drop right, site of all keywords will not be included, and also began to gradually decline, and then by "plucking". From the news to be ranked "feathers" in the middle there is a time, this time you have to observe the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted to what, make corresponding changes to the site, after the keywords ranking will slowly recover. read more

How to effectively use the love of Shanghai to do outside the chain of high quality

love is love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of Chinese and foreign chain product quality the highest link, but love Shanghai Encyclopedia of foreign chain requirements relative is the most stringent, but also can manually modify or delete, how to face these problems? We do not leave a link directly to leave your links, do an indirect link, you must release some articles on their links, so you can put a link to the article on the left, so the link weight is very high, and the safety coefficient is relatively high. read more

Three key aspects of website localization service

looks relatively simple, the design color is clear, but on the contrary, there is a world of difference of Japanese version. As shown, with different colors, and the video title hodgepodge, a charming feeling, but a lot of local time.

can be seen from the above example, images are often regarded as the best distinguish boundaries between different groups, and at the same time, we should also consider the suitability of culture.

The localization of

from Reebok Japan website, we can see that this type of picture sales in Japan are more, but this method is not suitable for the Middle East countries, in other areas, or in some social sectors, this is not suitable for. read more

National day how to do keywords ranking

under the new and old station, the new station is a collection of problems in ranking time to solve the problem, many friends said that I do website for 15 days, but the website does not have any love for Shanghai now is included, the assessment period becomes longer, as well in part because the website optimization depends on how much of the collected. And what is the basic requirement in the rankings of the old website? Is the click rate, some sites may be included only dozens or hundreds, how many actually affect his is not included, but the user clicks. read more

To know the love of Shanghai artificial words

5, medical term



1, political color words

what is artificial word


this word because with a very strong political color, may be used, so not to love Shanghai general website easily placed in the home position, are generally some of their products, love Shanghai well-known industry station, Sina, Sohu etc..

3, violate the law

> sensitive topic

4, related to national political and health

artificial word is love Shanghai, some have higher commercial value of the word, a lot of general search these words people love Shanghai index is relatively high. But these words of love in Shanghai due to the violation of certain principles, no matter how high you can do Shanghai dragon, to the home page, so someone made the artificial word called 11 words, it is clear that said only can do 11. Is the love of Shanghai second page first. Because these words indeed search volume is very high, and has a very high commercial value, so many people want to put the site on the Shanghai dragon, due to very difficult to do so in the time of these words with a black hat is more, the purpose is to think through these artificial words to kill a short time to obtain profits, be taken by surprise, and for normal sites, wood Shanghai Longfeng recommendations when choosing the keywords must pay attention to the judgment of artificial words correctly, make the website optimization work smoothly. How to judge the artificial word? We continue to look down. read more

The SPAM search engine technology

here are some frequently used SPAM Technology:


2, repeated at the bottom of the page to small print repeat keywords, or hide it in the meta tag, repeat keywords and hidden text often used together, i.e. stack keywords, this technology is still in use in addition to a small number of profiteering industry, the industry basically has he rationalized.

5, cloak cloak method is also called camouflage, is specifically for specially optimized page search engine crawling web pages displayed on the page using some refers to the program or script to detect access to the search engine or ordinary users. By setting the cloaked page on the server to read and judge the current visitors are real visitors or search engine spiders, then according to the server configured script targeted to give real visitors and search engine spiders in response to give the corresponding return page display. If is the search engine, "returned the optimized version of the page. If the visit is the ordinary people back " read more

How to update the original article high quality website editor

stand for the enterprise, updated every day is very difficult, so we can message the customer information, which is the effective method to improve the original, for example, I am responsible for the website, the international wine merchants, for each wine business investment or agent, every day there may be a lot of users take the initiative to leave a message, to add content, this not only to improve the user experience, but also for their own site to increase the original, high quality content, we Why not?! as shown below: read more