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Locals Only: Coming to a town near you

first_imgThe road warriors of Native Eyewear’s Locals Only Project have been stopping by idyllic mountain towns across the country in search of their next perfect town. On their short list of best mountain towns are Charlottesville, Va., Asheville, N.C., and Boone, N.C. These Southern towns face tough competition from classic destinations like Moab, Utah and Bend, Oregon. Hopefully the outdoor communities in Virginia and North Carolina can rise to the challenge when the Locals Only Tour rolls through their towns in the coming weeks. The tour is tentatively slated to pass through Asheville on March 29-30, Boone on March 31, and Charlottesville from April 1-3.In the meantime, another town has joined the competition. Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom wasn’t on their original list of destinations, but locals reached out to Native Eyewear and let them know that it should have been. Now, the Native crew along with Native athlete Jeff Lenosky are heading to the area on March 28 to check it out.last_img read more

Michelin chefs in Opatija revealed the secrets of success

first_imgFamous chefs Michelin Lionel Levy and Filippo Saporito arrived in Opatija at the invitation of the Croatian National Tourist Board as part of the Croatia 365 Gourmet project and shared their knowledge of masterpieces and trends in the kitchen.After a successful workshop in Split, culinary virtuosos Lionel Levy, head of three restaurants at the InterContinental Hotel Dieu in Marseille and Filippo Saporito, head chef and co-owner of La Leggenda dei Frati near Florence, shared their knowledge with Opatija’s caterers at a workshop in Hotel Ambassador. Two world-renowned Michelin chefs arrived in Opatija at the invitation of the Croatian National Tourist Board as part of the Croatia 365 Gourmet project, which introduces caterers to world culinary trends in gastronomy.Chef Levy, known as the leader of the new Mediterranean cuisine, who learned the craft from internationally renowned chefs such as Eric Fréchon and Alain Ducasse, presented himself with a traditional French dish bouillabaisse, but prepared in his own, modern way. It is a kind of fish soup with a modern name Milk-shake bouillabaisse. “By the way, I am a supporter of the traditional, but in a different, innovative way. This is what I like in Croatia, which is a country of authentic regions where your chefs should really take care of that heritage, but also give it a breath of ‘freshness’. As a concrete example, I would like to single out your dishes under the baking lid, which are excellent, but which can be even more interestingly prepared in a new, more modern way. I return to Croatia every year, and next time I will try to convince your chefs of that possibility as well. ” announces Levy.I always teach young chefs and advise them to use the highest quality ingredients and to work hard, Levy points out, adding that this is a forum for success. “Only hard and persistent work can earn you a Michelin star. When preparing meals, try to stick to three to four basic flavors and do not overdo it, he advises. It also has several ingredients without which it ‘can’t’. Citrus, marjoram and allspice d’Espelette are three ingredients that give dishes an irresistible note and are irreplaceable in my kitchen. ” reveals a famous chef who claims to eat all the food, and advocates local ingredients in the preparation. “My region is my refrigerator. The most important thing is to respect the country and work with local products. You can’t thrive in the kitchen if you don’t master regional recipes – it’s part of the culture, without that the country’s identity is lost“Concludes Levy.Photo: HTZItalian colleague Saporito, who advocates an ethical approach to cooking, ie the use of the best local ingredients you have in your country, grown in an organic way, made one of the ten courses that he normally offers in his restaurant. The dish is based on cod, but what was most intriguing was its tendency to make meals in plastic, vacuum-packed, heat-resistant bags. “To is something that has been a growing trend in culinary art for the last ten years. Cooking in this way retains all the flavors of the food because the flavors do not evaporate. Also, dishes prepared in this way, such as soups, can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, are hygienically protected and will not touch other foods. It is also worth mentioning the economic advantage of this kind of cooking, more specifically, from a kilogram of steak cooked in this way and finally thrown on the grill, you will get 950 grams of pure meat because the weight will not be lost by evaporation. 2 pointed out Saporito. Prominent sommelier Mira Šemić and Sandi Paris, a four-time winner of the national championships of the best sommelier who represented Croatia at numerous European and world sommelier competitions, explained that a good bite does not go without a good drop of wine, and that they agreed on several important items: white before black , dry before sweet, light before dark, lighter before heavier, cooler before that at room temperature. Although, they emphasized, wine should not be enslaved by rules like the one that richer red wines are always drunk with prosciutto. ” Wines and dishes can be paired in the most diverse and surprising ways, but if you are in doubt – rose goes with everything, while with dishes with cognac you will never go wrong with orange wines ” emphasized the charismatic Mira Šemić.Detailed insight into world culinary trends, but also into local cuisine, which can be part of high gastronomy, was rounded off by Elena Schipani, who as a brand manager for food and beverage promotion works for numerous institutions and companies, and who taught guests the best ways to promote. restaurant promotion and management. Michelin stars were also a topic, so the participants learned what they mean, how to reach them and how to preserve them.The workshop in Opatija is the second in a series of four workshops that will be organized in 2017 in Croatia. The last two workshops will be held during the autumn in Osijek and Zagreb. The concept of all workshops is the same and they are primarily intended for chefs. They have an educational role, and the main goal of the workshops is the presentation of top knowledge in the field of eno-gastronomy.last_img read more

Holt: Twins’ fate vs. Yankees’ money

first_imgSome things are just meant to be.I mean, how else do you explain how the Minnesota Twins, who were three games back with four to play, ended up in the playoffs? How else can you explain why umpire Randy Marsh missed what would be a run-scoring hit-by-pitch on Detroit’s Brandon Inge or how Matt Tolbert’s likely double-play ball snuck past Gold Glover Placido Polanco to score the tying run in the 10th?It was such an improbable sequence of events, not just those in the game but even those leading up to the epic play-in bout. Detroit’s historic choke job and the Twins’ luck resulted in this: a flawed, injury-plagued team that defied the odds to get to the playoffs.Good or bad, improbable is something Minnesota sports does well — maybe even too well. The 1998 Vikings went 15-1 with (at the time) the most prolific offense in NFL history. Of course, they lost in the NFC Championship game after an automatic Gary Anderson missed his first field goal of the season (Dammit!).In 2002, the Twins, along with the Montreal Expos, were slated to be contracted by the MLB. Instead of being eliminated as a franchise, Minnesota gave MLB the big middle finger by making it all the way to the ALCS.In 2003, the sixth-seeded Minnesota Wild became the only team in NHL history to come back from two 3-1 series deficits in the same playoffs. The 2005 Gophers had their game against the Badgers all but locked up — until UW blocked a punt in the last 30 seconds for a touchdown to keep the Axe. Earlier that year, Hopkins High School’s Blake Hoffarber made an ESPY-winning shot from his ass to send the state basketball championship into a second overtime. The 2006 Twins went 71-33 after June 9, yet still only won the division on the last day of the season.Just in the last decade, Minnesota sports teams have found a way to defy all expectations — for better or for worse. Unfortunately for the ’09 Twins, improbability and fate can be trumped by something more concrete: cash.According to The Associated Press, the Yankees’ payroll at the beginning of the season was $201,449,289. The Twins had a much more modest $65 million payroll — less than one-third that of the Yankees’. Alex Rodriguez will make $32 million for the 2009 season — one of nine Yankees to make at least $12 million in ’09. Only Joe Nathan will make more than $11 million this season for the Twins.I know a high payroll does not necessarily translate to talent. Except that, in this case, it does.New York trotted out a former Cy Young Award-winning pitcher to start game one of the ALDS, while Minnesota started a rookie with nine career major league starts. The Yankees start a guy with a .320 average, 25 homers and 200-plus hits at second base and a three-time MVP at third. At those positions, Minnesota has Nick Punto and a guy who wishes he was as good as Nick Punto.I could keep going.See, no matter how spunky or lucky the Twins are, their fans will spend this series just hoping their team gets some hits and runs. The Yankees, with their star-studded lineup, don’t hope to win — they expect to. That’s the difference money can buy.There’s the argument that Minnesota should just be happy to be in the playoffs, but that’s a load of crap. Being content with just making the postseason is like when you were happy as a little kid just to be around your older brother and his friends; at some point, it’s just sad. No matter the odds, the hope is to win a World Series, not flame out in the first round.And as much as Bud Selig would like to think the lack of a salary cap doesn’t give rich teams a competitive advantage, that’s simply not true. Ten of the 19 MLB teams with payrolls over $100 million made the playoffs the past two years. Yes, the Twins and Rockies this year and the Rays last year prove you can make the postseason without Midas-financed payrolls, but here’s the thing with baseball: timing is everything.You can make a miracle run like Tampa Bay in ’08 or Colorado in ’07 and get to the World Series. But you sure as hell better win it there, because your window for victory will slam shut shortly afterward. In baseball, the mix of blossoming talent that you cultivate to make that postseason run will get picked clean by the Yankees and Red Sox as soon as that talent becomes eligible for free agency.Both the Rays and Rockies missed the playoffs the year after their World Series appearances. The 2008 Brewers made the playoffs for the first time since 1982, but squandered their chance to make a run and are watching the postseason from home right now. Their inability to sign CC Sabathia after the season left them with a 2009 rotation any Brewer fan can tell you rated anywhere from horrendous to embarrassing. And guess who signed him instead?It’s only been one game, but things don’t look good for the Twins or Rockies this year. But nothing’s over yet; the last time Minnesota had the worst record in the playoff field was when they won the World Series in 1987. The last time the Twins had four players with 25-plus home runs? 1987. I’m just saying.If teams are content to just make the playoffs, then I guess my argument is moot. But shouldn’t every team aspire to win it all? In that case, money is always going to be the dividing line in baseball between the teams that want a title and the teams that can actually win one. That’s why the Yankees and their $200 million club will probably come out on top while the little guys just never quite have enough.I guess some things are just meant to be.Adam is a junior majoring in journalism. GO TWINS! He can be reached at [email protected]last_img read more

Chelsea predicted line-up to face Huddersfield

first_imgChelsea begin their 2018/19 Premier League campaign away at Huddersfield on Saturday.The match, which is a 3pm kick-off, will see Maurizio Sarri send out his first Blues side for a competitive match after taking over from Antonio Conte this summer. Kepa Arrizabalaga joined Chelsea from Athletic Bilbao 2 2 New signings Jorginho and Kepa Arrizabalaga are expected to feature, though Sarri was hesitant to confirm whether his new world record stopper would make his debut at the John Smith’s stadium.Matteo Kovacic meanwhile will need more time before making his first Chelsea appearance as he made it all the way to the World Cup final with Croatia.Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante are not likely to return to Maurizio Sarri‘s side straight away, having only played for the first time in pre-season as substitutes on TuesdayHere is talkSPORT’s predicted line-up:last_img read more