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Dead & Co Surprises Fans With Free Webcast Of Beautiful Blossom Show [Full Show Pro-Shot]

first_imgLast night, following a few days off after their Camden performance on Sunday, Dead & Company rolled into Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for the penultimate stop on their 2017 summer tour. As with every show on the band’s summer run, a video stream of the show was made available via However, as a special surprise, the band offered up the entire show’s webcast free of charge, letting everyone into the gorgeous wood-paneled shed to experience the Blossom performance along with the Cuyahoga crowd. And as is becoming a trend with Dead & Company, the band did not disappoint.The show’s first frame set the pace for what would be an great performance, featuring particularly well-played renditions of blues favorites, beautiful sing-alongs, and impeccable musicianship. The second half’s setlist reads like it came straight out of a Deadhead’s letter to Santa Claus. After an excellent set-opening “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider,” Bobby and John traded vocals on a beautifully bouncing “He’s Gone,” which gave way to a swinging “Truckin,’” which got deep and bluesy before morphing into “Drums” > “Space.” Next up was a celebratory “I Need A Miracle” that saw Weir leading the way with his patented rockstar charisma (despite having a bit of trouble keeping the lyrics straight). Bobby remained at the helm for the rest of the set, steering the band through a dreamy “Wharf Rat” and a set-closing “Good Lovin’” for good measure, before Mayer led the band’s lullaby-like “Black Muddy River” encore.With a larger-than-usual virtual crowd tuning in–and a packed house at the scenic amphitheater–Bob Weir, John Mayer, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti played with supreme confidence and a well-earned swagger throughout the night. And with only a pair of Wrigley Field shows this weekend remaining on the schedule for this summer, Dead & Co continued to affirm to everyone watching that they are a band worth following. Not just in the classic “get on the bus” sense, either. This collective group has passed the point of being simply a novelty tribute to the days of old. They’ve become a band that people want to pay attention to–to check their setlists, to listen back to last night’s show, to cancel evening plans when you see that they’re doing a surprise free couch tour…to talk about like a living, breathing organism. Sometimes that talk will center on negatives rather than positives, and that’s OK too. It’s all part of it. They’re not the Grateful Dead. They’re something different–something for right now–and it’s been thrilling to watch them hit that stride over the course of this tour. The anti-Mayer fan skepticism has all but silenced, the pop star having made his way into the good graces of even the most jaded Deadheads (a feat we once thought to be virtually impossible). The Internet buzz about roster shake-ups and sit-ins and returns to earlier post-Jerry “Dead” incarnations has, for the most part, petered out.Now, there’s really only one question about Dead & Co that seems to matter to fans: “So, uh, after Wrigley, how long until they head back out on tour?”You can watch full pro-shot footage of Dead & Company’s entire Blossom performance below, thanks to a surprise free webcast from the band and ONE:SET TWO:SETLIST: Dead & Company | Blossom Music Center | Cuyahoga Falls, OH | 6/28/17Set One: Hell In A Bucket, Mississippi Half-Step, Black Throated Wind, Row Jimmy, Big River, Cassidy, Big Railroad BluesSet Two: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, He’s Gone > Truckin’ > Drums/Space > I Need A Miracle > Wharf Rat, Good LovinEncore: Black Muddy Riverlast_img read more

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Perform “Shallow” During Surprise Live Debut In Las Vegas [Watch]

first_imgFans who attended Lady Gaga‘s Las Vegas performance on Saturday were treated to the live duet debut alongside her A Star Is Born co-star. The pop singer was in “Sin City” for the latest performance of her ongoing ENIGMA residency at the Park MGM. To add to the night’s already Vegas-worthy performance, Gaga was, to her emotional surprise, joined on stage by actor and fictional rock star, Bradley Cooper, and the two delivered the live duet debut of their Oscar-nominated single, “Shallow”, from their recent acclaimed Hollywood remake.According to reports, Cooper had been enjoying Gaga’s 21-song performance from the audience perspective throughout the evening. Cooper, along with Gaga’s other fans in attendance, were treated to theatrical renditions of her catalogue of hits including, “Just Dance”, “Applause”, “Bad Romance”, and “Born This Way”. Gaga returned during the encore to perform “Shallow”, the lead single from A Star Is Born soundtrack which had recently won a Golden Globe for “Best Original Song”. The two embraced with a big hug as the audience roared in anticipation of what might happen next between the two well-known entertainment personalities.Related: Lady Gaga Is A Brunette Party Girl In A Newly-Resurfaced Aaron Lee Tasjan Music Video Circa 2009 What did happen, was the debut of their hit duet, which they’d never actually performed live together up until Saturday. All the rock star training Cooper received from Eddie Vedder clearly paid off, as he somehow gathered the courage to walk hand-in-hand with Gaga over to her piano where they two started into their collaborative ballad. After helping her rookie co-performer apply his in-ear monitors (which apparently didn’t help Cooper hear at all), he started into the song’s opening lyrics with Gaga kneeled at his side in tears as the audience erupted in approval. Gaga seemed to be just as amazed by how well Cooper sounded in his live debut, considering the unplanned circumstances of what was all happening. Gaga then got up to sit at her piano to continue into her part of the song with Cooper standing beside her. Talk about a “Hollywood ending” to Saturday’s show.Gaga fans can watch the video below to relive the on-stage magic that went down in Vegas on Saturday.Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – “Shallow” (live debut) – 1/26/2019[Video: Gaga Daily]Gaga and Cooper are scheduled to perform the song again at the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood next month. Knowing Gaga’s history of thrilling duets at award shows, fans should be in for another fantastic performance from one of pop music’s most talented singers and her new bandmate.[H/T Consequence of Sound]last_img read more

Deciding to go left or right

first_imgFor decades, scientists have associated binary decision making — opting to go left or right — with higher-ranking animals, including humans. A team of Harvard researchers, however, is rewriting that assumption with research showing that the lowly fruit fly maggot is capable of making the same choices.As described in a recent paper in the journal Nature Methods, the research is aimed at answering one of the most fundamental, long-standing questions about how the brain gives rise to behaviors.“What we have shown is that the larvae really make left- and right-steering decisions based on sensory input,” said Aravinthan Samuel, professor of physics and co-author of the paper. “We now believe we have a complete algorithmic picture of how those decisions are made, based on the ways in which motor activity is regulated by these inputs. We know smells cause the animal to initiate a navigational decision. And once that navigational decision starts, we know how it’s carried out.”At the heart of the work was an unusual piece of technology, the Linear and Dynamic Gaseous Gradient Apparatus — or LADY GAGA for short — that allowed researchers to precisely control odors in the air.“This was the most challenging stimulus-control system we’ve ever built,” Samuel said of the device. “It works by pushing air across a plate to create a very slight breeze — approximately one centimeter per second — while a series of switches injects scents into the airflow.”Using a computer program to control precisely when, where, and how much scent is injected enables the device to produce a perfectly linear gradient of odor across the plate. At one end, Samuel said, the scent is absent, while it is unavoidable at the other. Unlike similar experiments, which typically used a droplet of an odor-producing chemical, the breeze prevents the odor from diffusing throughout the device. As long as it is renewed by the injector, the scent effectively stays put.“The problem with earlier experiments is that when you put a scent on one side of the plate, you can’t keep it there,” said Marc Gershow, a postdoctoral fellow in physics and designer of the device. “Over time, it will diffuse.”In addition to LADY GAGA, Samuel and his team relied on another oddly named piece of technology to unlock navigational behavior, the MAGAT analyzer.Short for Multiple Animal Gait and Trajectory Analyzer, the technology is a software package that uses a high-resolution camera to track dozens of larvae as they move in reaction to stimuli. Once placed on the plate inside LADY GAGA, the analyzer showed that larvae sweep their heads to the left and right to sample the environment, then made a decision on which way to move based on the input they receive.Using that data, Samuel said, the next step is to understand “how that algorithm is written in the wiring diagram of the brain.”Doing so will require another device with a celebrity namesake, CoLBeRT — short for Controlling Locomotion and Behavior in Real Time — a tracking microscope that allows researchers to track individual larva and stimulate specific neurons using pulses of laser light.“The nice thing about the larva is that it’s optically transparent,” Samuel said. “It also has a small brain, with less than 10,000 neurons, so we should be able to map all the processing of odor information to the increased or decreased activity of a specific circuit in the brain.“Once we figure out what that circuit is, we can determine how the patterns of activity in that circuit correlate with observable behavior. Using CoLBeRT, we may also be able to ‘push’ the activation into a neuron, even in the absence of a sensory input, and get the animal to behave as if the input was actually there.”The larvae may seem relatively simple creatures, but Samuel believes that studying them will ultimately uncover the general principles for how the nervous systems of higher animals work.“If there are general principles for understanding how an entire nervous system orchestrates itself to do purposeful things, those principles will be ferreted out with simple organisms,” he said. “And if that’s true, maybe we don’t give these little organisms enough credit.”last_img read more

Senior artist releases EP

first_imgAs Notre Dame seniors balance enjoying the end of their college careers and finding a foothold in the working world, senior Dylan Walter vocalized that experience in a full-length EP titled “Tightrope,” which he released Friday. Walter, an independent hip-hop artist, has been releasing music since his freshman year at Notre Dame. “Tightrope” is the fourth full-length project released under his moniker “D. Montayne,” a name derived from Walter’s first initial and middle name. The EP has 10 songs, all of which Walter said reflect his current state in life. A finance major, Walter said he is currently applying to business jobs but hopes to eventually pursue a full-time career in music. “I came up with the name ‘Tightrope’ a couple months ago because in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m being suspended on a tightrope between the different aspects of my life,” Walter said. “The music aspect, the academic aspects, getting a job, … these lifestyles don’t really mix together very well and I have to find a balance between them.” Walter said the most difficult part of putting the EP together was coming up with the time to write, record and mix his songs. “I had a pretty busy semester, and with the football season as it was, my focus wasn’t on getting this EP done until winter break, when I did the last songs and put it together,” Walter said. “The most rewarding part was the feedback I’ve been getting so far from people who hadn’t listened to my music before, people I don’t know who tell me they really liked it.” Because he is not currently affiliated with any label, Walter said he records and mixes everything on his own with his personal equipment. “As it is right now, I’m just making music by myself,” Walter said. “I have a mobile studio that I carry around in my backpack, so there are a few places where I go to record and I just pack up the backpack with the microphones and everything.” Walter said he would describe his lyrics as thoughtful and personal, but he doesn’t see any parallels of his sound in today’s hip-hop artists. “I really don’t know of any artists out there that sound like me, which I think is good, so I don’t think people really associate me with anyone who is already out there,” he said. “I take that as evidence that I’m unique.” Earlier this year, Walter produced “Onward to Victory,” a song celebrating Notre Dame football that he released shortly before the Irish faced the University of Michigan. The song has nearly 13,000 views on Walter’s YouTube channel. He has opened for several acts at Legends, including Big Sean in April 2011 and Chris Webby in February 2012. “At that point, Big Sean was just about to release his first album, so it was cool to be able to open for him before he was a superstar,” Walter said. “We hung out for a while and talked about music for several hours, and shortly after that he became really famous. I’m hoping to get some more opening spots, maybe this spring.” Walter said he is already preparing for his next project and has several new songs written but not recorded yet. “Ideally, I’d like to put out another EP or full-length mixtape this summer, after I graduate, if I could pull that off,” Walter said. While he is still finding the balance between academics and music, Walters said he is interested in opportunities to continue his music career after leaving Notre Dame. “I don’t care if 10 people download [the EP] or 10 million, I just want those who do to listen and get a sense of what I’m going for with this project,” Walter said. “If you listen to the EP from front to back, my intention would be that people would feel that tension the title refers to.” “Tightrope” can be downloaded for free at www.dmontaynemusic.comlast_img read more

FDA Warning Consumers Of Fake COVID-19 Test Kits

first_imgPhoto: CDCWASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration says it’s actively and aggressively monitoring for any fake COVID-19 test kits.According to officials, at this time, there’s no authorized test to purchase for testing yourself for COVID-19 at home.“Fraudulent health claims, tests, and products can pose serious health risks,” the FDA said. “They may keep some patients from seeking care or delay necessary medical treatment.”The FDA says it will take appropriate action to protect consumers from fake tests, including issuing warning letters, seizures, or injunctions. Officials tell us they’ve already identified and issued warning letters to companies found selling and promoting fraudulent items. Additionally, the organization is stepping up enforcement at ports of entry, including International Mail Facilities, to ensure these fraudulent products that originate outside the country do not enter through borders.The FDA asks if you are aware of fraudulent COVID-19 test kits, report it to them. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Nationwide provides humanitarian relief in Vermont to Hurricane Irene victims

first_imgWhen: Nationwide will have a humanitarian relief team in Vermont to provide aid to Hurricane Irene victims. The team will have much needed water, ice, snacks and some first aid supplies. William Perkins Agency 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 Where:center_img 124 N. Main Street Policyholders with storm damage should call the Nationwide claims hotline at 1-800-421-3535 or contact their local agent.About NationwideNationwide, based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organizations in the U.S. and is rated A+ by A.M. Best. The company provides a full range of personalized insurance and financial services, including auto insurance, motorcycle, boat, homeowners, life insurance, farm, commercial insurance, administrative services, annuities, mortgages, mutual funds, pensions and long-term savings plans. For more information, visit is external). Rutland, VT 05701last_img read more

Malaysia reports first coronavirus deaths, one from mosque gathering

first_imgMalaysia reported its first two coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, including a man who attended a mass Muslim gathering linked to nearly two-thirds of the country’s infections.Total cases rose 120 to 673, the highest in Southeast Asia.Of those, 428 are linked to an Islamic conference attended by about 16,000 people – including 1,500 from other nations – late last month at a mosque near the capital Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s Health Minister Adham Baba said a 34-year-old missionary who attended the event was confirmed positive on March 12. He and a 60-year-old Christian pastor, with a history of chronic illness, died on Tuesday.Baba said the rising cases justified restrictions on movements starting on Wednesday for two weeks.”This approach by the Malaysian government was necessary to avoid even more Malaysians being infected by COVID,” he told a news conference.Topics :last_img read more

China’s Xi offers Trump help in fighting coronavirus as US faces wave of new patients

first_imgThe World Health Organization has said the United States, which saw 17,099 new coronavirus cases and 281 deaths in the past 24 hours, is expected to become the epicenter of the pandemic.China cuts flightsLike US hospitals now, China’s medical system struggled to contain the coronavirus just two months ago, but draconian city lockdowns and severe travel restrictions has seen China dramatically ease the epidemic.Mainland China on Friday reported its first local coronavirus case in three days and 54 new imported cases, as Beijing ordered airlines to sharply cut international flights, for fear travellers could reignite the coronavirus outbreak.The 55 new cases detected on Thursday were down from 67 a day earlier, the National Health Commission said on Friday, taking the tally of infections to 81,340. China’s death toll stood at 3,292 as of Thursday, up by five from a day earlier.The central province of Hubei, with a population of about 60 million, reported no new cases on Thursday, a day after lifting a lockdown and reopening its borders as the epidemic eased there.The commercial capital of Shanghai reported the most new imported cases with 17, followed by 12 in the southern province of Guangdong and four each in the capital Beijing and the nearby city of Tianjin.Shanghai now has 125 patients who arrived from overseas, including 46 from Britain and 27 from the United States.In effect from Sunday, China has ordered its airlines to fly only one route to any country, on just one flight each week. Foreign airlines must comply with similar curbs on flights to China, although many had already halted services.About 90% of current international flights into China will be suspended, cutting arrivals to 5,000 passengers a day, from 25,000, the civil aviation regulator said late on Thursday.From Saturday, China will temporarily suspend entry for foreigners with valid visas and residence permits, in an interim measure, the foreign ministry added.Before the new curbs, foreign nationals made up about a tenth of the roughly 20,000 travellers arriving on international flights every day, an official of China’s National Immigration Administration said last week.As commercial flights dwindle, Chinese students from wealthy families are paying tens of thousands of dollars to fly home on private jets.International demand for chartered and private flights into China increased 227% in March from a year earlier, said Shanghai-based private jet service provider iFlyPlus.Notably, requests for flights from the United States to China rose 10-fold in late March, iFlyPlus told Reuters.  Topics : Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Donald Trump during a phone call on Friday that he would have China’s support in fighting the coronavirus, as the United States faces the prospect of becoming the next global epicenter of the pandemic.The United States now has the most coronavirus cases of any country, with 84,946 infections and 1,259 deaths. Hospitals in cities like New York and New Orleans struggle to cope with the wave of patients.Xi’s offer of assistance came amid a long-running war of words between Beijing and Washington over various issues including the coronavirus epidemic.center_img Trump and some US officials have accused China of a lack of transparency on the virus, and Trump has at times called the coronavirus a “China virus” as it originated there, angering Beijing.In the call, Xi reiterated to Trump that China had been open and transparent about the epidemic, according to an account of the conversation published by the Chinese foreign ministry.Trump said on Twitter that he discussed the coronavirus outbreak “in great detail” with Xi.”China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the virus,” Trump said. “We are working closely together. Much respect!”.last_img read more

GO-TIME: Department of Corrections Realizes Energy Savings in Pilot Program

first_imgGO-TIME: Department of Corrections Realizes Energy Savings in Pilot Program August 19, 2016 Efficiency,  Energy,  GO-TIME,  Innovation,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has implemented a new energy savings pilot program that will reduce utility costs at State Correctional Institution Dallas by more than $1.7 million over five years. This initiative is part of the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Modernization and Efficiency (GO-TIME).“Department of Corrections has been a leader in working to reduce costs and improve outcomes at the same time,” Governor Wolf said. “We are working to mitigate any and all costs in order to allow for more funding to go towards programs that help improve public safety and generate better outcomes.”The Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) provides an innovative financing technique that uses cost savings from reduced energy consumption to repay the cost of installing energy conservation measures.The DOC expects significant utility savings from a reduction in facility water and electrical usage. The project also includes other energy conservation measures that will result in energy savings.The savings for the 5-year period beginning in October and ending in June FY 2020/21 is expected to be $1,725,000.“We are always looking for ways to reduce prison costs,” said Corrections Secretary John Wetzel. “The GESA project affords us the opportunity to not only save money but reduce energy usage as well.”The project plan involved replacing existing interior and exterior lighting with new light emitting diode (LED) lighting to improve the quality of lighting as well as reduce its energy costs and enhance security. The LED power supplies have a 100-year life expectancy that will significantly reduce maintenance costs, allowing electricians to fulfill other maintenance needs throughout the institution.The DOC is exploring expanding the program to other state correctional institutions based on the success of the program at SCI Dallas.GO-TIME was created by Gov. Tom Wolf in 2015 to maximize efficiency, modernize state government operations and provide the highest quality services. As a result, state agencies saved more than $156 million in FY 15-16, exceeding the $150 million savings goal he set by the Governor. Wolf has set a new GO-TIME savings goal of $500 million by 2020.To learn more about GO-TIME, visit Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Brexit deal seen giving ‘clear target’ for UK asset managers on EU access

first_imgThe new Brexit deal reached yesterday by the EU and the UK prime minister – who still needs to win a majority in parliament – holds positives for UK asset managers from the point of view of their access to investors in the EU27, according to a financial regulation specialist.Owen Lysak, financial regulatory partner at law firm Clifford Chance in London, said: “The draft political declaration […] maintains the commitment of both parties to endeavour to conclude equivalence assessments by end of June 2020. “This will be well-received, as it gives a clear target for the UK government to try to hit and the asset management sector to push for in terms of the best access rights possible for UK managers,” he said.It was good news that the transitional period set out in the previous agreement seemed to be unaffected by the new deal, he said.    “We had seen some managers bringing forward their fund closings, some starting to move across mandates to EU affiliates, all because of concerns around a sudden loss of access to EU investors this year,” Lysak said.Defined benefit (DB) pension schemes that had been hoping for a major funding boost as a result of UK interest rate rises, however, were likely to be disappointed, according to Rob Price, fixed income portfolio manager at AXA Investment Managers.“The global macroeconomic environment that the Bank of England could find itself in should a deal be struck is very different to that of 2016, with most main central banks biased towards an easing tilt which should keep UK interest rates lower than historical norms,” he said.“This could limit any potential major funding boost that could be experienced from interest rate reversion,” said Price.Chris Cummings, chief executive of the Investment Association, said the Brexit deal provided welcome certainty to the investment management industry, “and the millions of savers and investors it serves.”“Now a new deal is on the table, it’s important that politicians on all sides come together in order to avoid the damaging effects of a cliff edge no deal,” he said.Looking ahead to potential implications for government bond yields, Mark Dowding, CIO at BlueBay Asset Management, forecast that if a deal is ratified in the next couple of weeks – or months – then sterling could rally to $1.35 and €0.81, with 10-year Gilt yields up at 0.9%.On the likelihood of the agreement being ratified by UK MPs, Paul O’Connor, head of the UK multi-asset team at Janus Henderson said: “With the DUP reportedly uncomfortable with the deal, the parliamentary arithmetic for Saturday’s vote is very hard to call.”last_img read more