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More updates from HR Tech Europe 2015

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The future of ice core science

first_imgCores drilled through the polar ice sheets provide information about past climate and environmental conditions on timescales from decades to hundreds of millennia, and direct records of changes in the composition of the atmosphere. As such, they are cornerstones of global change research. In the past 15 years, several major projects have increased our understanding of past climate change on a variety of timescales. These include the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2), the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP), and North GRIP deep ice cores in Greenland. They also include the Taylor Dome, Siple Dome, Law Dome, Vostok, and European Programme for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) Dome C ice cores in Antarctica, the latter of which has pushed the record for the oldest ice core back to 720,000 years.last_img read more

Utah Lacrosse Officially Joins the Utes’ Athletic Department

first_img Brad James Tags: Adam Ghitelman/Air Force Lacrosse/Brian Holman/Denver Lacrosse/Marcus Holman/Tim McDermott/Utah Lacrosse/Vermont Catamounts/Will Manny July 2, 2018 /Sports News – Local Utah Lacrosse Officially Joins the Utes’ Athletic Department Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSALT LAKE CITY-Sunday, a new athletic year in NCAA sports commenced and for the University of Utah athletic department, this meant adding another program to their ranks.Utah Lacrosse, which has long excelled as a club sport, officially joined the Utes’ athletic department, becoming the 20th NCAA Division I-sanctioned sport sponsored by the university.The Utes become the 73rd men’s lacrosse program in Division I, joining the other two western United States squads, in Air Force and the University of Denver.The program will commence its first Division I season in February 2019 by hosting the Vermont Catamounts while the full schedule will be released this fall.While awaiting construction of a lacrosse playing surface on campus, the Utes’ initial season will be played on the infield of the McCarthy Family Track and Field Complex.The Utes will be coached by veteran lacrosse coach Brian Holman, who was instrumental in leading the North Carolina Tar Heels to the 2016 national title.His assistants include his son, Marcus Holman, Adam Ghitelman and Will Manny with Tim McDermott serving as the program’s director of operations.last_img read more

News story: Places of worship to get security funding boost

first_imgIn addition, the government will open a consultation with faith representatives and organisations including the Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group, Tell MAMA, the Independent Advisory Group and other faith representatives and organisations, on improvements to existing policy to protect faith communities.To increase uptake in the fund and ensure it reaches those most vulnerable to hate crime, the bidding process will also be simplified so organisations no longer have to prove they have previously experienced a hate crime incident directly. In addition the government will be streamlining the supplier arrangements for bidders, after which the programme will open for applications.Places of worship, including mosques, will also benefit from a new £5 million fund over 3 years to provide protective security training to build on some of the positive work already happening in communities. This is in recognition that physical protective security is only part of the solution, and institutions, their staff and volunteers need to have security understanding to ensure the protective measures work effectively. We will engage closely with communities on the scope of this new scheme to ensure it meets the needs of all places of worship covering security. We will then undertake a competitive process to determine providers of the training and plan to start delivering in 2019 to 2020. The Home Secretary has boosted funding for next year’s places of worship protective security to £1.6 million to reassure communities and safeguard mosques and other places of worship. This is double the amount awarded last year. In addition a new £5 million fund will be opened to provide security training.The funding boost, announced in a written ministerial statement, comes after the terror attack in Christchurch claimed the lives of 50 people and injured 40 more. Following the incident, police presence was stepped up at mosques across the UK to reassure communities fearful of similar attacks.The places of worship fund, established in 2016 as part of the government’s hate crime action plan, provides financial support for physical protective security such as fencing, lighting and CCTV. Government previously committed funding of £2.4 million over 3 years.So far, more than a third of grants under the places of Worship Protective Funding scheme have been awarded to mosques.The Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: The horrific events in New Zealand are a direct attack on the values of tolerance and freedom of worship that unite us all. Nobody should ever fear persecution of their faith and it’s vital we stand together to reject those who seek to spread hatred and divide us. I know many Muslim communities are feeling vulnerable and anxious. But they should seek comfort from knowing we are doing everything to tackle hate and extremism. That’s why we are doubling next year’s places of worship fund – providing physical protection as well as peace of mind.last_img read more

Jasper Johns, and a technique he loved

first_imgIn the summer of 2010, Jennifer Roberts agreed to create an experimental course for Harvard College students around a piece in the Harvard Art Museums’ collection, and to explore the potential for a small show.In the end, those efforts led to a full-fledged exhibition at the Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, developed in tandem with museum officials and four committed undergraduates, that sheds light on the works of one of America’s master contemporary artists.“Jasper Johns / In Press: The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print,” which opened Tuesday at the Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, focuses on the artist’s distinctive crosshatch technique of intersecting lines and the importance of the print medium in his work.Roberts developed the course as a tutorial, with small seminars that allow for intimate and incisive conversations with students. She and her student team, all juniors with concentrations in the history of art and architecture, took up Johns’ painting “The Dutch Wives,” exploring its relationship to other objects in the museums’ collections and investigating the possibility of creating a show.“It’s a work that has always intrigued me,” said Roberts, professor of history of art and architecture, and the show’s curator.After spending hours in front of the painting observing the smallest details, and poring over extensive writings about Johns and his works, Roberts and the students  started to brainstorm. “At first, we really had no idea what we were going to do,” said Roberts. But slowly a theme emerged.They noticed the grid of pencil marks in the work. They discerned the work’s prominent black and white hues, its incorporation of pasted-on strips of newsprint, its almost identical images placed side by side, and Johns’ renowned crosshatch method of bundled parallel lines, based on an ancient printmaking technique used to indicate shading and shadow. The closer the lines, the more shadow is created.“From that point, we felt that we had a pretty interesting connection that we might want to follow through on,” said Roberts.With Roberts’ guidance, the students explored the collections, culling the Harvard Art Museums’ extensive holdings of Johns’ prints and drawings. They also drafted descriptive text for the show and created online essays explaining themes in Johns’ work. They even prepared gallery talks that they will deliver during the show’s opening days.“It was just amazing,” said student Phillip Y. Zhang of preparing the exhibit. “It definitely helped me appreciate what goes into the work that curators do, and it reinforces what we have been doing in terms of getting that very critical perspective on art, and the way we make and consume and present art.”Many of Johns’ works in the show capture the artist’s ability to stretch the notion of printmaking, like the evocative “Skin with O’Hara Poem.” To create the piece, Johns covered his face and hands with a black greasy liquid known as tusche, rolled them on a lithographic stone, and then pressed a paper to the same surface. The resulting ghostly images seem almost to jump from the paper.To add historic perspective, the new exhibition also includes works by other artists that illuminate the development of Johns’ style. A work by Pablo Picasso, a master at collage, reveals how Johns’ newsprint creations, the catalog states, “are indebted to Pablo Picasso’s collage experiments.” The inclusion of an engraving by the German artist Albrecht Dürer offers an early look at the use of crosshatching.“The students had a huge amount of input and say into what actually happened with the show because they were really building it from scratch with me,” said Roberts.The show was also a useful dry run for what museum officials anticipate with the completion of the renovated home of the Harvard Art Museums. The building on Quincy Street will include 3,000 square feet of curricular gallery space.“For the first time in the Harvard Art Museums’ history, we will have generous space to experiment in faculty- and student-generated exhibitions,” said Susan Dackerman, the Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Curator of Prints, and the museums’ director of academic programs. “The Jasper Johns project is a model for that. It was our chance to try it out before the new building is finished … and we have found it’s been a great success.”Dackerman helped to create the show, along with Roberts, Jennifer Quick, a Ph.D. candidate in Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Department of History of Art and Architecture and an Agnes Mongan Curatorial Intern, as well as with students Jacob Cedarbaum, C. Andrew Krantz, Mary Potter, and Zhang.On a recent walk-through of the show, which runs to Aug. 18, Cedarbaum reflected on the art on the walls and his role in getting it there.“Professor Roberts presented us with this really unique opportunity to turn the tutorial into something so much more,” said Cedarbaum. “It’s definitely been this amazing, only-at-Harvard kind of experience.”“Jasper Johns / In Press: The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print” will be on exhibit at the Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, 485 Broadway, Cambridge, through Aug. 18.last_img read more

Living on Love Playwright Joe DiPietro on How His Dog Turned Him into a Diva

first_img View Comments Related Shows Tony winner Joe DiPietro is known for writing the book and lyrics for the Tony-winning musical Memphis as well as All Shook Up, The Toxic Avenger, The Thing About Men, Falling for Eve, Over the River and Through the Woods, The Art of Murder and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, which is the longest-running revue in off-Broadway history. DiPietro’s latest project is Living on Love, a comedy based on Garson Kanin’s Peccadillo, starring opera goddess Renee Fleming. DiPietro invited into his tidy Upper West Side home to talk procrastination, pugs and how fear motivates him.What’s the first thing you do when you sit down to write?I generally have a plan of what I am specifically going to work on. I will take notes beforehand because the blank page is so terrifying that I have to have a plan of action. I can’t just sit down and think, “Oh, what do I feel like writing today?” Having said that, the first thing I do is I procrastinate as much as possible: I surf the web, I pace, I eat, I clean—then I write.What essential items do you like to have on hand when you write? I need caffeine and silence. Silence is big for me. I can’t write in public, and I can’t write with music playing. I need that zen space.How do you stay motivated to finish a piece?I have a fear of not finishing. Fear is a big motivator for me. I always try to write a first draft and not judge it. In my first draft, I want to get words down on paper that hopefully have a beginning, middle and end. Then I might change it completely, but it’s so much easier for me to rewrite than to write. There are always times when you hit a lull and lose faith in it, but I’ve learned to just write through it. It’s a bit of pigheadedness that gets me through.Once you finish a draft, how do you celebrate?I don’t really celebrate. I go on to the next thing. I generally have one or two other projects percolating in my head. If they’ve been percolating for a while, I’m generally anxious to get them out, but I won’t let myself write them until I finish what I’m working on. I’m not a real celebrator, I have to say.What play changed your life?Where did the title come from?The title came from the original Garson Kanin play [Peccadillo]. I wanted to have something from it. Renee Fleming’s character is having a fight with her husband and threatens to take all of his assets. He says, “What can I live on?” And she says, “You can always live on love.”Was there a specific event that sparked your interest in Living on Love?This show was a commission, and that’s unusual because usually you get commissioned to write musicals or TV and movie things. I got a call from Scott Landis, who was a producer of Nice Work If You Can Get It. He said, “Joe, we have this play by Garson Kanin about an opera diva. We gave it to Renee Fleming and she’s agreed to star in it and Kathleen Marshall is going to direct.” It intrigued me, but I was very busy. I said I’d do a little tweaking. Then I read it and thought it needed a lot more than tweaking. I told Scott if I had the freedom to really do my own thing on it, I would do it. To my shock, the Garson Kanin people said yes. I love this type of comedy: it’s a classic one-set, six-character comedy. It’s screwball; it’s boulevard comedy; it’s Neil Simon in a way—it’s got elements of all those things. To be able to write one of those in this day and age was just so attractive, especially with Kathleen and Renee.Considering the subject of this play, what is the most diva-style demanding thing about you?There are so many! I do oftentimes demand to take my pug Rocco with me to rehearsals and sometimes that doesn’t bode well.What’s the nitty gritty hard work of being a writer that nobody told you about?It’s lonely. That’s the hardest thing of it. What I love about theater is that I get to be lonely and alone for long periods of time, and then, if I’m fortunate enough to get the play produced, it’s incredibly social. Mostly you sit alone with your thoughts day after day. There are some days where I’ll not see anyone else besides the guy at the deli.What’s the best piece of advice you ever received about writing?Don’t go to L.A. I received that advice—which is not for everyone—from Jamie Hammerstein, who was Oscar Hammerstein’s son and my mentor. He produced I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change. Early on he said to me, “Don’t go to L.A. It’s hard, but you can write for theater if you stay here and really work at it.” I listened and it worked out.Name a playwright that influenced you.What is something you think all aspiring playwrights should do?I think any aspiring playwright should be a lifelong student of theater and literature and humanity and history and politics. If I have any key to any success I’ve had, it’s that I’m constantly trying to learn new things. For instance [before Living on Love], I’d seen three or four operas in my life. So when this project came to me, I dove into that world to see what it was like, and I really enjoyed learning about it. I also think writers should have their own opinions. See shows that everyone loves that you don’t like and know why. See shows that no one likes but you really love. Having your own opinion is a way to develop a voice.What’s your favorite line from Living on Love? Living on Love Show Closed This production ended its run on May 3, 2015last_img read more

CNTB: List of fairs and congress exchanges for 2020

first_imgFind out more about the exhibition conditions and other details HERE The Croatian National Tourist Board has published a list of fairs and congress exchanges in 2020, which are organized by the CNTB. A bit of a strange decision, either funds will be provided or not. This way, it will turn out that funds will be provided for some (those who call first), and not for others. The conditions for all must be the same, this will create unnecessary dissatisfaction and a sense of inequality. Namely, at the CNTB stand at fairs during 2020, the co-exhibitor pays the rent for the appearance at the CNTB stand, which is defined by the fair organizer and 50% of the arrangement cost defined by the technical contractor selected through a public tender, while the remaining amount is arranged by the CNTB as follows. : with 50% of landscaping costs at general fairs (general, nautical, camping) and with 100% at congress exchanges. FAIRS AND CONGRESS EXCHANGES 2020 These fairs for 2020 are tourist fairs for the general and / or business audience and specialized fairs – camping, nautical fairs and congress business exchanges.center_img As they point out from the CNTB, since the funds for the costs of arranging co-exhibition places in the CNTB budget are limited, it will be able to be used by entities that will submit contracts / application forms until the funds are exhausted. If the funds are spent before the end of the applications for co-exhibition, the CNTB will no longer be able to bear the costs of arrangement and co-exhibitors will be obliged to pay the full cost of arrangement for their co-exhibition place, emphasize the CNTB. The novelty this year is that the CNTB will bear 100% of the cost of arranging the stand on the congress exchanges, although not in full, but until the secured financial resources for that purpose are spent. CONGRESS EXCHANGES 2020 LIST OF FAIRS 2020last_img read more

What Matteo Guendouzi said to Neal Maupay to spark throat-grabbing brawl

first_img Comment Advertisement Guendouzi grabbed Maupay by the throat at the full-time whistle (Picture: Getty)That angered Arsenal players with Guendouzi at the heart of the appeals. The hot-headed midfielder was further aggrieved when, following Maupay’s late winner, the striker collapsed to the ground after kick-off when the midfielder simply brushed past him.AdvertisementAdvertisementThe final whistle came moments later and Guendouzi squared up to Maupay after grabbing him by the throat.The former Brentford forward mocked Arsenal afterwards, insisting that they needed to show more ‘humility’ and suggesting that he couldn’t repeat some of the things said to him on live television. Guendouzi was unhappy with Maupay (Picture: AP)Question marks have been raised about Guendouzi’s attitude and the Daily Mail claim the brawl was sparked after various comments made by the Frenchman throughout the match.Guendouzi is said to have mocked Brighton’s players by calling them ‘s**t’ and the midfielder, who earns £40,000-a-week, reportedly told his opponents that he earns ‘more than they ever will’.France manager Didier Deschamps is an admirer of Guendouzi but has refused to pick the midfielder in his last two squads over fears about his discipline and attitude.Arteta dropped the midfielder in France for a game against Newcastle after noting a drop in commitment from the 21-year-old. MORE: Everton star Richarlison confirms offer to join Manchester United Metro Sport ReporterMonday 22 Jun 2020 11:54 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link32Sharescenter_img Matteo Guendouzi reportedly taunted Brighton’s players over their ability (Picture: Getty)Matteo Guendouzi taunted Brighton players during Arsenal’s defeat to the Seagulls on Saturday by claiming they were ‘s**t’ and that he earns more than ‘they ever will’.It was announced today that the Arsenal midfielder will escape a three-match ban, despite clear evidence that he grabbed Brighton striker Neal Maupay by the throat after the final whistle at the Amex Stadium.Maupay scored Brighton’s late winner but he was involved in an unfortunate incident earlier in the match when he challenged Bernd Leno in the air and the German fell awkwardly to injure his knee.Leno was seen shouting at Maupay as he made his way off the field and though the incident was clearly unfortunate, there is an argument that the Frenchman did not need to challenge for the ball as Leno had already clearly gathered it.ADVERTISEMENT What Matteo Guendouzi said to Neal Maupay to spark throat-grabbing brawl Advertisementlast_img read more

Roseau Primary School told that their background shouldn’t determine their performance

first_img Share Share Share Tweet EducationLocalNewsPrimary Roseau Primary School told that their background shouldn’t determine their performance by: – September 8, 2011center_img Sharing is caring! 25 Views   no discussions Hon Petter St. Jean. Photo credit: GIS NewsEducation Minister Honourable Petter St. Jean has told parents of students of the Roseau Primary School that their socio-background has nothing to do with their performance.Mr St. Jean says the Roseau Primary School has been suffering because of the socio-economic background of the parents.“For a very long time now, Roseau Primary has been categorized as one of the schools that have suffered because of the socio-economic background of the parents. We speak here of the areas like Silver Lake, Yam Piece, Gutter and Pound. May I say to you parents that your geological location, your family background or your socio-economic status has nothing to do with the achievement of your children,” he said.He said every child can learn and every child can do well.“Politics is the involvement of parents and the wider community to ensure success for the children. I want to challenge you the parents of children of Roseau Primary to work hard and ensure that the school becomes one of the shining examples of education in Dominica,” he added.St Jean was delivering remarks at a ceremony to announce the adoption of that school by LIME Dominica.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Sun-seekers spark emergency incident at UK beach

first_imgBritain has been hard hit by the global coronavirus outbreak, recording the worst death toll in Europe so far. BOURNEMOUTH, United Kingdom – An English seaside resort declared a major incident Thursday after thousands of people flocked to the beach on the hottest day of the year so far, despite the threat of coronavirus. Their arrival resulted in gridlock on the roads, widespread illegal parking, piles of rubbish as well as anti-social behavior including drunken fights, they said. Temperatures rose to a record 33.3 degrees Celsius (91.94 degrees Fahrenheit) at Heathrow Airport in west London, a day after highs of 32.6 C saw huge crowds flock to the coast. Visiting the beach is permitted after a nationwide coronavirus lockdown was eased, but people are still being urged to avoid large crowds, and pubs and restaurants do not open until July 4. Beachgoers enjoy the sunshine as they sunbathe and play in the sea on Bournemouth beach in Bournemouth, southern England, on June 25, 2020.AFP Council leader Vikki Slade said Bournemouth was not ready to receive so many visitors and urged people to stay away. But the local authorities in Bournemouth said they were “appalled” at the scenes on its beaches, as the sunny weather saw an influx of thousands of people. Infection rates have fallen significantly, but the health ministry on Thursday recorded another 149 deaths among confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 43,230. (AFP)last_img read more